A Letter from My Husband  

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3/2/2006 9:57 am
A Letter from My Husband

Her eyes remained fixed upon him as she grabs each breast and licks her own nipples. Her other hand reaches down her g-string panties to touch her moist wet pussy. She rubs her wetness, and gets her pussy juice between her two fingers. He can see the clear strand between her fingers. While staring straight into his eyes, she brings her fingers to her mouth and tastes herself, slowly and deliberately. Her pussy is getting wetter watching him squirm excitedly in his seat.
She produces one of her taffies as she continues to stare at him. She knows his cock is rock hard and loves the control she has over him. She lays on the stage and spreads her legs. She slides the taffy into her panties and rubs it onto her clit. She slides it just a little further down to her lips but not quite in the hole. She slowly brings it back out of her panties, knowing her pussy juice has mixed with her saliva on the taffy. She crawls over to him, and while starring into his eyes, hands him her taffy. He hands her $10, which she casually tosses on the stage. He instantly puts the taffy in his mouth trying to taste her juices off of it. She rubs herself over her panties while she watches him lick and suck it, he will be jerking himself off later while licking and smelling this taffy. Deep down inside this gets her off.
She will repeat this procedure during each of her sets tonight and the results are always the same. The whole bar always wants more of her. They want to taste her, kiss her, and to fuck her. Many have touched her, having placed dollars between her tits. Some have placed dollars down her pants as well. Fewer have been touched by her, her leg or her hand brushing by their cocks over their pants. Maybe some have tasted her, or she may have tasted them? Has anybody in the room fucked her? They all dream of it, but nobody knows for sure.
This is the mystery of Simone................

*(This was written by my husband about the first night he met me)*

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