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cumkittykitty694 40M/35F
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11/2/2005 11:22 pm

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We finally get contacted by someone then it's like they do a disappearing act as soon as we almost get somewhere. We need someone who can contact us as much as we do them. (It means that they're serious enough about this). Then you get the ones that say in their profile that they're bi and then they tell you they're only looking for men. Does that make any sense? Is it harder for a couple to find someone who's serious enough to be with them compared to a single person? Yes, we think so. Is there anyone out there that wants to meet us?!!

ExtacyE 41M

11/3/2005 7:12 pm

Maybe it has to do with your true identity, that may scare people. Ive been asking why none of the women provide the free identity check.

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Fucktoy 42F

1/13/2006 8:28 am

I would be willing to put you and your man at ease about things. I have tried talking with couples in the past, and I find that the woman isn't bi, but, she DOES want you to eat her pussy. OR, she, at the last moment, makes the man "off limits". OR, it's all the man's idea and the woman isn't into it as much as he is. So, I have been frustrated too, but, from the other side of things.

cumkittykitty694 40M/35F
7 posts
2/1/2006 8:46 pm

Well, I can tell you from my experience that I do like the fem and I don't keep him all to myself.

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