Heart Felt & Short Life Story  

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2/17/2006 3:25 pm

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Heart Felt & Short Life Story

Honest, Loving & Loyal Guy
Has anyone every been at that point in life where so much has happened, that you have given in to all the thoughts and ideas of others around you? Loose you're own mine frame set, and forget who and what you really are?

I really want more then anything to meet that one special lady in life that will steal my heart away, and make my world turn upside down. Instead I am trying to live everyone Else's dreams, and desires.

I am a very loving person, who for the most part acts on heart felt ideas, and desires. Such as my hearts desire to find that one Lady, that I can spend my life with. The one where I will love her forever, and never desire the touch of any other. Yet in all my hardships, and losses of those few women I have loved, and have been betrayed by. I find myself wanting things I never dreamed of doing, or having done to me. Yes, these feels are strong, but in my heart I know they are not right for me.

God I want so bad for this madness to end, and for something good, and right to happen for once. I want so much to have a family, and some day have at least two beautiful kids, and a beautiful loving wife.

I spent most of my life looking at others, and seeing the things that I wanted so much, but never had. My mom left me to the state of Tennessee at a very young age, and I was thrown form one home to the next, and put in so many bad places, that I thought I would never have a real life. It is so hard to make it on you're own, when you have spent most of you're life having others telling you when to get up, when to go to bed, when to take a shower, and so on.

I have been in two r/t 24/7 slave situations. I moved up here out of the blue to a complete stranger, as I did the last two. I don't really know what I was thinking, other then I am so tired of being alone. I gave my heart to my wife, and she left after getting a damn green card, and I can not even begin to explane how it feels to have that done to you. I gave this women my heart, and she was my world. When she left me, my life ended. 6-8 months later, I heard about BDSM online in yahoo. Then I cling-ed to it like crazy trying so hard to be owned, just to feel wanted or needed. Anything, didn't matter what fetishes they wanted me for. I just needed to fell important, and wanted.

I have been molested, , abused, beaten, and more things then I can ever list here. If I could change anything in my life, anything at all... I would change the foolish things, that I said and did to hurt the few people I have loved in my life. I would live my life over 10 million times, anything to avoid pain I caused to those I hurt, and loved.

Nothing that happens in life ever gives any of us the right to treat another like shit, or like they have no meaning or importance. Everyone on this planet, serves some purpose. Everyone needs to feel needed, and important. Even if you're pride says otherwise, that is what its all about regardless of you're place. Be it Top, middle, or bottom.

So what am I trying to say? I am sick and tired of telling myself I am not good enough, just because I got the shit end of the stick. I want someone that is real. No more lies, and or bullshit.

Yes I am submissive, and I admit I am not a switch. I was confused... I am not confused anymore, I know where I fit in, and I love who I am. I enjoy serving a beautiful Lady, and having her smile at me when I please her. I love telling her that she is the most beautiful person I have ever saw, and the only one that I think of. I love doing my best to be damn sure she is happy, and knows that she is #1 in my life. I do not care if she is straight, bi, or Lesbian.. It don't freegan matter. All that matters is that I love her, and enjoy serving her, and that she too enjoys having me as her sub, or slave pet.

Submission isn't about forcing someone to do something, its not about what someone owes you. Its about someone giving of themself freely, and its about trust, and love. True submission comes threw love.

So when someone messages me from now on, read my full profile. Think about it, and know that when you read these words they are 100% heart felt, and honest.

If you want a man that you can love, and trust, and never have to wonder if he will leave you or fool around on you, I am that man.

I have been honest with you, now be honest with me.

Best wishes to everyone...
Its about love unconditional
I am very open minded, and willing to try anything at least two times to be damn sure that I didn't like it the first time. (Open to serving couples also as a bi pet)

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