How to tell a fake profile  

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4/1/2006 12:44 pm

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How to tell a fake profile

This is not my post, but just a referral to a really good blog post by MnFuckClub. They were so on the money in identifying what I have also found from viewing the numerous profiles that show up on my cupid matches. At this moment their profile is turned off, but I believe the link I give will take you to this post. They have alot of other interesting blog entries also. Funny thing is I ended up checking out their profile because a close female friend on the site told me she enjoyed their intro videos. Here's the blog link: [post 274725] I'm also getting very familiar with a number of popular stolen internet pics (Stacy Keibler, some pro wrestling babe is a popular one) and am finding profiles even stealing pics from popular women cammers on the site who I know.

I've updated this since the original post.

maverick1255 51M
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5/18/2006 12:09 pm

Thanks for the advice. Being new, hints like these help alot.


cumcannonxxx 51M
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2/4/2008 12:40 pm

I'm sorry that the link is no longer valid (post 274725). It was a link to another blog on AdultFriendFinder by the MnFuckClub group. However, even though they have since removed their profile, I just happened to keep a text file of the contents, so here it is:

Oh those spammers, you know the ones with the profiles that look so hot. Photos too good to be true. Always ready, willing and able to be your private fantasy. Face it, there is a lot of money in sex and those damn spammers are trolling for valid email addresses of people interested in sex with valid credit cards. Since you can’t respond to them unless you have purchased a membership, your email is GOLD to them.

Spammers aren’t the only assholes out there… don’t forget about the men pretending to be a woman or even a legitimate couple… the there are the few women pretending to be a fantasy woman; all looking for fantasy play or just to fuck with people online. This also cuts both ways, there are men who pretend to be fantasy men or gay men pretending to be women. It’s all a game and most of the real people are tired of all the bullshit.

The trick is to find those profiles featuring real people. More importantly; finding those who are looking for real sex. What are the percentages? In our experience, we have compiled the following estimated stats on AdultFriendFinder when it comes to female ads in the Twin Cities area;

-50% real women exploring what it’s all about
-25% spammers
-10% men pretending to be women
-10% real women ready to make it real if the connection is right.
-5% women pretending to be hotter women
-5% pure nympho sluts ready to fuck anyone or anything.

-When it comes to the couples ads; 30% are men pretending to be a complete couple.

-When it comes to the male ads; 25% are men pretending to be a hot stud of a guy.

Again, these are only sample estimated statistics based on our own experience in the Minnesota area. One of the reasons Fuck Club was founded was to get through all that bullshit and have a group of people who are required to meet another member in person to verify they are real. This allows for a quick fix to the problem and allows us to cut through the shit very quickly. But for those without a fuck club, I will share some of our secrets and observations in identifying FAKE ADS.

90% of the time, it’s very clear. The key is in paying attention to the detail and understanding how the spammers work in creating profiles. Look for obvious keys…

-Requesting your email address for direct contact.
-Profile lists different race then what is in in the photo
-Profile lists different chest/cup size then what is in the photo
-Saying they are a model or used to be a model (real ones don’t mention it up front)
-Saying; I have a perfect “ass” “lips” “legs” “pussy” or “I’m sexy” “I’m hot”
-Minimal completion of the profile information “prefer not to say”
-Profile names that use 4-6 numbers in the middle or end of the name.

The combination of any of the above will increase the chances the profile is SPAM.

Most of the time, women will not write an ad talking about their slutty pussy needing to be rammed by a hard cock, willing to do anything. Think about it… besides very small handful of wild nympho women (we do need more of you), how many REAL women talk or write like that? While some women are the aggressors, realize most women are not. They are sexual beings but not rude, crude or obnoxious when describing being used as some strangers fuck toy.

Another key indicator are the photos. While not all the following tips apply in all cases, (there are some damn hot real women who have had pics done by damn good amateur or professional photographers) when you combine several of the points mentioned, the chances increase that the profile and photos of an ad are fake.

It may take a professional photographer to identify real amateur pics from pro-am or professional images… but from a professional photographer, here are the main points;

-Look for a professional makeup job or hair… perfectly lined lips, etc…
-Pay attention to shadows, Professional light is diffused and come from multiple sources.
-Check for professional sets or very organized and minimal furniture
-Pay attention to image exposure, is the subject equal to exposure as the backround.
-Check the framing, is the image perfectly level and the subjects eyes right in the middle
-Be aware of the outfit, is the subject wearing something a stripper would wear?
-Is there only one photo and is that photo is erotic?

The mentioned tips are only tips. There are profiles that have the above qualities AND do represent real people ready to make it real in person. Keep in mind, the more of the points mentioned above appear in a profile, the greater the chances are it’s a FAKE.

Good luck, have fun and always keep it optimistic. For the guys… in our experience, it takes about 50-100 responses to get a legitimate reply. Of those, maybe 1 in 5 will continue chatting outside AdultFriendFinder. Of those, you should be able to meet and fuck 25%

As with everything, MOST of your success will come from your attitude, approach, honesty, respect and understanding. If you’re a brash asshole, or consciously/sub-consciously thinking about just finding a hot pussy to fuck, you are not going to get very far. Women expect respect at all times. Treat them as a person, not a fuck and you will better your chances. One good tip, don’t reply to ads while having your cock in your hand. Blow that load, release the sexual tension and approach with a clear and stable sexual energy.

dawnstrikeone 48F

8/4/2008 5:03 am

GREAT post!

rm_CleoSimone 41F

8/29/2008 3:35 pm

being new to the site this excellant TRUTH works wonders!

hwwife1 50M/39F
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10/15/2008 8:18 pm

Wow..thanks for the tip, I didn't know spammers here too, we thought we are safe with gold and silver members..ha!

single guy pretended to be couple we met and pic stolen case eh, we seen too many, that also reason why all our pics with our AdultFriendFinder ID in it.

kwanddw 51M/46F  
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2/19/2009 8:47 pm

WOW... I could not have said it better myself!! You nailed it spot on...I have had more than my fair share of fakes, or more so,'s nice to see a guy out there that is willing to put out the info to help the rest of us REAL people lol. We should do lunch sometime..we could have a blast talking about all of our combined experiences! M

Maryroseissweet 43F

7/28/2009 2:34 pm

Wow, I loved an enjoyed reading your blogs,.
You pin pointed perfect about approaching a woman thats exactly how I feel. Very well spoken.
An yes Im a REAL ONE.
Looking for good times with nice people.
I hope you do not mind the paragraph about respecting woman, I would not mind using it on my profile, I hope its okay so I can let all men know out there how a woman feels an thinks, an how we have feelings too;
If you are ever around California let me know we can chat over lunch on me

cumcannonxxx 51M
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8/2/2009 9:09 am

Thanks for the nice comments. I have one other thought. If you have testimonials or see testimonials on your friends' pages where the person advertises their offline handle, then look and see their profile is turned off or removed, please delete them or urge your friends to. In rare cases a real person may give their offline messenger/email handle (I have one testimonial case of that) but probably now delete a bogus testimonial every other day (if their profile is off). All you are doing by displaying them is giving the spammers free advertisement, if someone tries contacting them, that person is due a ton of spam, usually from competing sex sites, and probably from magic penis growing pills or fake viagra.

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