Sweet Young Boys!  

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12/6/2005 10:21 am

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Sweet Young Boys!

Yes there is something about a sweet young man! Fresh meat hardly handled. Pretty unblemished skin. Willing and eager to please and be taught the unknown. Eric smooth body and so very hungry!. He was young and perfect. I met him in a local chat room. Sexy talk and exchanging some pictures. Nice strong face and an even stronger hard on. The pic was deceiving though. We decided to meet at a local adult store in his town. I was late and upset thinking he might be gone. He was eagerly waiting! I asked for id cause he looked so young lol. He was legal thank god don't want to go to jail over his cock. Well maybe Id chance it! He jumped in my car and went to a different adult store. We are going to pick out some stuff to play with together. I was driving with one hand and feeling with another. I was very hot for him. So handsome. I wore a long black skirt slit up side heels and a black tight top. He liked it as he was feeling searching. I slid my hand down his pants and he was already dripping pre cum. He wasn't totally hard but damn it was bigger in person. I could feel my pussy get full and swollen from excitement. We went into toy store and damn they carded him. I laughed and asked the guy behind the counter how come he didn't card me ? he laughed. The store was full of men hungry, horny, leering and watching me and my new young lover. I loving to tease stroked the toys as they were hanging up. running my pretty hands and nails over the shaft of the dildo's i liked. My new young lover new the power of our presence there so he took full advantage and started to slightly touch. Gliding his hands over my back down my ass and back while I played with the toys. Whispering that we better go because he had precum dripping down his leg. Hurriedly we went to the counter with our goodies. Expensive shopping spree.
We played till we got to our room. Hot passionate kisses. i wanted his cock so bad in my mouth. Damn so thick not used to that and so fucking big. Sucking his sweet cock he wanted to see my pussy close up and told me to ride his face. First words were damn as he put his wet mouth on my moist cunt. Fingering me as he worked my slit. Sweet ass. I knew he was a bit kinky so added a Lil finger in his tight ass as I sucked his sweet cock. Love young men they will let you do what you want. getting some oil decide to use my new Lil toy on him. Fucking his ass as I sucked him. Getting excited I had a hard time controlling my own pleasure I came over his sweet face. Him fingering my ass now I couldn't stand it I wanted his cock buried so deep in me I could scream. Getting off of him I laid on my back so he could lick me some more. Sweet young man hungry for pussy. He wanted to fuck so bad. His cock so swollen I rolled on my tummy and lifted my ass for him to take me. He did so very eagerly. Slamming his cock in me. I flinched as he was the biggest man I have ever had. Cumming just because of his size. How sweet is that? Fucking me like a young stallion should me screaming like a bitch. What a nasty fuck he was. He wanted me on my back so he could see my face as I took his cock.
Fucking me like a dog fast quick pumps. Loving it. Kissing I bit his lip hard. Yes he bit me back drawing blood. I didn't think it was possible but he fucked me all the harder. Back on all fours he wanted to finish. Fucking me like I never had it before. He couldn't hold his cum. With body convulsions he came in me so hard dripping cum out of me. God i felt like I was spent.
Rolling over he wanted to clean me up tasting our cum mixed was the sweetest taste. Sweet and salty and so warm.

MMMM makes me lick my lips just to think about it!

sexywrestler85 31M
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12/7/2005 4:00 am

Ma'am I want to fuck the shit out of you. Im 19.

superstar270 37M

12/27/2005 7:33 am

wow this story made me hard as a rock! would u consider getting together so u can have another story to tell!!!

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