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12/10/2005 7:04 am

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I love the way my own flesh feels as I prepare to please myself
I take care to prepare my own gratification like I would
If I was preparing on taking a lover.
The sexy lingerie,
The candles to fill my room with sweet scents.
My bed prepared.
I have my toys readily available just in case the feel of my hand doesn't suffice.
I enter my bed and I begin by just running my hands over the side of my face into my hair.
It is inevitable that my back would slightly arch as I run my hand down my neck to my breast.

Taking both hands I run my fingers around my already hard nipples.
Cupping my breasts together and squeezing my thighs tight as to get my juices flowing.
I begin to think of a man who has pleasured me.
I run one hand down my hips as I continue to play with one breast.

I feel the bare skin of my cunt so smooth and silky.
Hungry for gratification.
Begging me to satisfy its hunger I slip one pretty finger down my slit.
I pass my clit without stopping.
I don't want to cum too quick.
I want to enjoy how my whole body feels.
Warm and wet.
My cunt begins to throb.
Moving my hips as I would if a man was in me, I run my fingers through the fold of my pussy.
My cunt is hungry for release but I wont give in.
I slide my finger in my cunt as I explore the walls that are gripping me.
Hungrily I start to finger my sweet cunt moving in a fucking motion.
Hips meeting the action of my finger fucking.
I feel like cum-ming so I pull out.
Saving it.
I taste myself and I think of the last man I tasted.
Sweet cum.
I roll over on all fours my ass in air.
Feeling my body in this position makes me hungry for cock.
I run my hand back down my body till I find my secret place.
I begin to rub my clit and slide my fingers down my slit.
My pussy is starving to be filled so I get my favorite toy.
Built like a man with veins and all I run it thorough the folds of my lips.
Slowly I put it in me so I can enjoy every ripple of veins. I cant hold on much longer as I back over it over and over again.
Fucking my sweet cunt I feel my pussy swollen with pleasure.
I can feel myself almost there as I hold my sweet friend inside me.
I use the bed to hold it in.
I remember the last time I was with you and I fuck that sweet toy till I can feel sweet release.
Till I feel my cum slide down its veins.
One last taste as I take it out gliding it over my lips.
So Sweet!

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12/10/2005 11:16 am

me and my left hand are quite close if ya know what I mean

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