MMMM I began to taste a bit of him.  

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12/4/2005 4:59 pm

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MMMM I began to taste a bit of him.

He was the longest hottest man I have ever sucked off.Previously we have had some awesome phone and cam sex that would last for hours. Late one night while husband was away I was very tempted to have him over. He is so beautiful. Beautiful shoulder length brown hair that got in the way a little when he would eat my pussy out. So I thought Id leave him a sexy voice mail while he was at work to entice him but he answered! Nervously I told him I was thinking of him coming over. He told me to keep thinking that way and when he got home we would talk. I prepared and primped getting ready to please this man.Trying to keep myself from thinking to many sexual thoughts about him so I could focus! He made me some sexy video clips that he doesn't know I have watched over and gotten off too! He messaged me and he said he would take the long travel and come see me. An hours drive. I had every candle lite and lights down low. I also got all my goodies out "just in case". He pulled up and my heart was racing! Would he like me in person? He was taller and very handsome. We kissed and he was such a gentleman. I put a movie in nothing special just some "bondage porn" great for a first date. I couldn't help but I had to touch him. His kisses so warm and passionate. I needed to see his cock. I was hungry for it. MMMM it was bigger in person. I never knew a man would love his cock so abused and tormented. I loved it cause he loved it a bit nasty too. I stroked him and sucked him as hard as a woman can possible do. Licking him from his ass to his head and back again over and over. He doesn't know it but I was squeezing my thighs really tight to bring me to an orgasm as I sucked him. MMMMM tight little ass too. Would he let me do as I pleased with him? Would he let me use my girl toys on him? mmmm Yes he did!
I was nice enough not to get the big dogs out!!!!!!! So i got my lil slim jim purple and I prepped his ass with nice warm licks and fingering him gentle as I sud his beautiful cock. MMMM I began to taste a bit of him. Slapping my tongue with his cock and taking him as deep as I could. Wet mouth hungry for his cock. I wanted his cum so bad. I oiled my toy and gently put it in moving it slowly as I stroked his cock. Tight ass and beautiful cock! Working his cock feverishly with my mouth and hands I begged him to cum for me.Nastily licking his ass to his head of his cock. Wrapping my mouth around his balls so full of cum. I started to break a sweat sucking his cock. He was so close! More slapping his cock against my face and mouth.Tongue begging for sweet release. He came so quick and hard coming everywhere. Cum on belly clear to his shoulders. Cum on my mouth. Sweet tasting cum. I didn't mind cleaning him up. Kisses in between.So sexy when a man likes his own cum!!!!!!

rm_wmpk 67M/69F
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12/5/2005 4:36 pm

Great read. Love to put me in his place - I like everything you talked of. I'm gona go back and read it again.


im_your_man77 39M
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12/6/2005 3:36 pm

You do tell I good story, I'll watch for more in future

rm_jaketongue69 47M

12/6/2005 3:39 pm

CumQueen, I jerked off to your story and shot a load over my shoulder thinking of you with my thick white cock in your mouth while you fingered my ass!

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