A loving couple  

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7/5/2006 2:04 pm

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A loving couple

Here's another fantasy I have about being with an experienced couple.

I meet you at a dive bar near your home. We talk about where we're from, how much we love San Francisco, and how much we hate the Bush administration. You're a loving couple, always making body contact with each other--a held hand, a leaning of shoulders together, a gentle shove when one of you makes a bad joke. Your body language and relaxed gazes radiate a gentle warmth.

When he gets up from the table to get another round of drinks, she moves closer to me and we talk about past relationships, how she met her man, and the foreign countries we'd love to visit. When she gets up for a trip to the bathroom, he and I talk about our professions, our exercise regimes, and how outrageous San Francisco home prices continue to be. All together, we talk about our adventures visiting sex parties and clubs, agreeing that the large group, anonymous nature is not nearly as fulfilling as being with just an extra one or two people. After our third round of drinks, you're still holding hands, and tell me, "We think you should come with us tonight." She leans forward to add with a whisper, "because we'd both like to fuck your brains out." I'm hooked.

Back at your home, we slowly sip on fresh drinks and talk on the couch. She uses a pause in the conversation to lean over and kiss me. Soon the drinks sit forgotten on the coffee table as we all start to kiss and reach under each other's clothing. Before long I'm kneeling on the floor in front of you, one getting full service from my mouth and the other from my hand, alternating every few minutes while the two of you kiss and fondle each other.

Eventually you both stand up, raise me up from the floor, remove what remains of my clothing, and lead me into the bedroom. He lays down on his back, and she guides my head between his legs before positioning herself astride his mouth, where she feels the pleasures of his tongue while watching intently as I stroke and suck him. The waves of passion build, but before his can break, she stops the action, repositioning me so that I'm on all fours with her husband on his knees facing me. As I slowly start to suck him again, she gets behind me, her tongue and mouth tasting me while her hands gently spread my cheeks and probe my rear. She strokes me slowly with one hand, while gently lubing relaxing my rear with her tongue other hand.

"Mmm, I think he's ready", she tells her husband. I'm turned onto my back, and he moves around me, grabbing my knees and pushing them up towards my head. She straddles my chest, helping hold my legs while he slowly enters me. He and I both groan from the sensation, and I can see her smile and kiss him. Soon he's slowly moving in and out, and she slides herself onto my mouth while engaging my cock with hers. We sweat, slide, and move together until he's on the verge. He then pulls out and she gets off me. She puts a condom on me, then rolls me over and pulls me to my knees. She slides underneath me and welcomes me inside her. I slide into her delicious warmth as her husband re-enters me from behind. Very slowly, we begin to thrust together, our arms and legs wrapped around each other. The sweat of our bodies mixes as we let ourselves be taken by the synchronicity of our pleasures. The pace quickens, our moans get louder, and eventually we all climax together, collapsing atop each other.

We laugh and lay on each other feeling spent. But only for a short time. As the afterglow fades, we begin to fondle each other... When I leave, we make a date to get together again soon.

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7/5/2006 3:36 pm

Sorry we're not bi...coastal.

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