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9/15/2005 5:48 am

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well its been one of those weeks i`ve kicked back taken a good look at my life and tryed to decide where to go from here lol!
the beginning of the week saw cuddlehugs about to be axed and no more back to the real world for me no more cyber life lol!
by the middle of the week i`m now more rational AdultFriendFinder has made me so many good friends and helped me find a lil naughtiness to lol! chatrooms r gr8 on those lonely nights!
so although i don`t know the answers i`ve weighed up the pros and cons just don`t know should i stay or go? lol!
if u`d asked me a few months ago did love exist i would have firmly told u no but now i am left wondering which led me to change my profile here stating i am looking for mr right but in the meantime a lil funs not outta the ? hehe!
and fun how do u decide just what it is i don`t always wanna meet people i chat with and even if i do it doesn`t mean there guaranteed the naughtiness lol friendship can be just as good as no strings fun with the right peeps and to be honest sometimes better!
well thats me winged asked the ?s u got a view let me know maybe then i`ll have an idea where i`m goin from here hehe!

jaz xoxox

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