the final 5  

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3/15/2005 5:02 pm

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the final 5

Well I could have put this as a comment in my last blog ... but nah ... I've made a vow never to leave more comments in my blog than other people do. Ok maybe I will shamelessly break this.

The reason why the last five things my list are hard to do, isn't because they are really hard to do, it's because there is something in me holding me back, I have some kind of (major?)
emotional connection with these (in some cases almost trivial to do) things. When I think of them I get totally anxious and almost catatonic ... until of course I do them and feel much better. Partially this is me being a perfectionist ... I worry too much about doing these things properly. But it's not just that ... there's something else ... some (strange?fucked up?) emotional attachments going on there. I can really feel the attachments but I can't really understand them.

Maybe sex "therapy" is the answer?
Hmm any volunteers to help me?

... or just comment if you have any ideas.
(maybe I even prefer comments to sex ... and maybe not)

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