a bit too serious  

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5/29/2005 2:08 pm

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a bit too serious

Ok I know I'm a bit too serious at times. I take things to literally. So in some ways this can make me hard to deal with.

Sometimes I push people too much because of this. Maybe I might ask them to say more exactly what they mean. They might say that it's too privite. Instead of realizing that they don't want to talk about it, I might just change the question, to ask it in another way. I think it's just that it can be hard for me to deal with the uncertainty. Not knowing if I should do this or that ... or if things are this way or that way.

Probably this is the biggest obstruction that I've had to picking up women(during my long injury riden career in the minors). And also maybe it's the source of my sub fantasies ... ok leave that for another time ... probably much later ... the point is I could be more comfortable being told what to do ...

It's hard to jump into water without knowing if it's cold, some people deal with this by maybe sticking a toe in, on the other hand I go to look to try to find a thermometer and then perhaps calibrate it (probably it has to be precise enough to require calibration), but by then ... well it's nightfall and the water might have cooled down. Or maybe I just jump in ... and it's freezing cold!! So I FMFAO (ie freeze my ....... ... ...).

Hmm ok ... so I'm still learning to communicate with people.

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