Shadow world  

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Shadow world

The shadow world is the part of the world that doesn't see the light of day, the hidden part. Don't take this too literally, it's really the part that is hidden from perception or from the mind. Basically this idea is a total rip off of Jung's shadow except I won't claim to understand that. On the other hand I'm using a bit my own terms.

There's both an internal shadow world and an external one. For example if you are "in denial" about something then it would be in your internal shadow world. Somehow it's hidden from what you can see. But it's not just denial, it can be any part of you that's hidden below and can't be seen. The thing is they are still there and they still have an effect on you. There are certin things in my shadow world that I can see a bit of and that I want to be more aware of and bring up to the surface so that maybe I can deal with them.

The external shadow is the part of the shadow world that we all agree to keep in the shadows. Things that are accepted ways of thinking or acting in society and that aren't generally challenged. Depending on the particular example these views may vary between groups. There can be various forms of punishment for not adhering to these views; for having heretical views. When they are really in the shadow they tend to not be discussed.

The external and internal are ideal types, they do interact with each other. For example sometimes people wouldn't want to talk about some things or discuss certain point of view because of some experiences they have had.

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