My first blog ever...  

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8/24/2005 11:57 am

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My first blog ever...

Ok, it's kind of funny that I'm starting my first-ever blog on AdultFriendFinder, of all places, but it looks like there are some pretty cool people hanging around here, and it can be fun to share some thoughts, whether intelligent, silly, funny, or naughty. Whatever.

I'm from Mercer country here in NJ, and it looks like there arent too many bloggers from around here. Are there fewer people from Mercer county than from other NJ counties that sign up here at AdultFriendFinder? I guess it's not too important - just rambling.

I'm 27, about 6'0, 215, and that's my pic there. Taken today, in fact. I joined the AdultFriendFinder yesterday because I've been wanting to meet some new people and have some fun, and here I can already find people who actually live within an hour's drive, which is awesome. Anyhow, I should be upgraded to Silver sometime within a week because I didn't want to pay by a credit card but decided to send in a payment instead.

I've lurked on a few personals sites over the last couple years and even had my profile up, but I never posted a pic before. When I joined this site, I decided to stop being chicken at last and post my pic because I see how many other people post their pics and how nice it is to be able to picture who you're talking to! I figure if I'm honest and up-front about everything in my profile, there's more chance of meeting *real* people without any surprises later on. Don't you hate nasty surprises when you've invested a lot of time into getting to know someone? Been there, done that.

Some several months ago, I came out of a serious relationship and has been a "free bird" since. No complaints about that. I am not looking for a new serious relationship, but I do want to meet fun ladies on here, make friends (w/ benies?? ), have some nice and naughty fun, etc, depends on what works out. I'm a pretty open, honest, flexible, enthusiastic, energetic individual - I like to go with the flow and keep the options open. I don't mind making friends with the guys on here either, just as long as it's understood that sexually I'm only interested in the ladies...

So is anyone reading this? Would love to hear back from anyone who's out there - ladies or gents! Just be constructive and considerate when you write - let's just be friendly and have fun Otherwise, anything goes.

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