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11/19/2005 8:01 pm

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as i wander through the listings, i see requests for erotic email or echat...as i explore the messages, i am struck by how freely women ask for erotic email when in fact all they want to do is a one-on-one fuck...or two-on-one...or two-on-two...how boring...does anyone out there know how to write an erotic email?...why bother to ask for something you really don't care about?...here is a fabulous opportunity to explore sexuality without bonds...get it together ladies, if you want an email that turns you on, contact me...i don't care what you really look like, i don't care if you're married or not...i don't care if you have kids or not...i want to write erotically, is there anyone out there who is interested?...is there anyone out there who can write a complete sentence and express themselves without using the word 'fuck'?...this has been a very exasperating experience for me...i'm a good writer and i want to share with someone who can reciprocate...what a concept...i want a woman who is intelligent, who can say what's on her mind in a sensual way, who can understand internet kisses that go on forever...are you out there?...can you express what you want?...can you describe it?...waiting for you...eli

LipsofVelvet 69F

12/24/2005 11:16 pm

Eli, mi corazon, I don't believe the word "fuck" has entered my posts a single time. And yet, I think I have found a way to fulfill your requests for eroticism quite nicely. So here, I will give you a challenge, present me with a scenario and I will embroider on it for you and if your emotions have not flown through the ceiling by the time you have finished reading, I won't post another word on this site. tu Donita

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