crowning 32F
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7/30/2006 9:47 am

First Week of work has gone by. I feel like a lost lil' sheep, shooting in the dark - trying to be effective in delivering what is needed up to the T.

Don't know why I agreed to work for family.

Nails are not painted.

Perks - New laptop. Namecard.

Will be away from home on weekdays cos' its simply mere practicality to be at aunt's place which is ten minutes from the office rather than my 1 1/2 hr jourey from home.

Need to shave my legs.

Wonder if I was ever diagnosed with ADD.

Bought Sims 2 Extension (University).
Installed it into my work laptop.

Think my home laptop has a worm that switches my system down anytime it feels like doing it.

Its too warm to sleep with clothes on.

stoneyrockspore 40M
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1/17/2007 9:37 am

hi girl...i would like to know u.

rm_pinoyinsg 38M
2 posts
10/14/2009 6:44 am

hi! is that you on the pic? lovely!

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