The importance of safe sex...  

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5/13/2006 6:51 pm

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The importance of safe sex...

I have a friend who started a relationship with someone less than a year ago and then when they finally had unprotected sex they hit a snag....
the GF got a bad breakout of herpes.
Ever since then their relationship has turned into hell on earth.
The GF has had a meltdown that has lasted some 5 months and is still going strong. He wants to leave her but feels guilty.

I have yet to mention to my friend, i dont think i will, how does he know it was him that gave it to her? Its not like he was her first and you can have herpes without symptoms and not even know you have herpes.It has just been assumed he was the one who originally had it. I would suggest to him, if i didnt think he would get offended, to go and ask exes if they have ever noticed anything after being with him.

Im glad that after the last person(only been 3) I had unprotected sex with I was tested and tested negative for EVERYTHING( so he is safe even in high risk situations, yay!)
I suggest using a condom with everyone you have sex with unless you are in a real relationship, otherwise your putting yourself in unnecessary risk and potential hell situations like my poor friend.

Dont jump off the plane without a parachute!

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