My last NJBC experience....  

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2/20/2006 9:40 pm

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My last NJBC experience....

My last NJBC romp was in June. The very last time we had sex it was hot and I actually came, intensely.

He was watching a game on the tv and i practically had to drag him into the bedroom by his hair..oh wait...he has no hair, on his head anyhow. I just simply dragged him.
We kissed, we touched. We had a bit of a rough start but eventually it flowed. He basically did all the heavy lifting so to speak. The peak of the experience for me, atleast, was when he had me on all fours and pulled my hair and slapped my ass. It was awesome. Ive cum to realize that I like that position cause of the angle. It hits the very GOOD spot. We finished the cardio workout by me hanging off the side of the bed(God that bed in itself was awesome) and him pushing hard.
Of course the downside was that after the fact he mentioned some other chick that he thought could be GF material. Now men, regardless of how casual the arrangement is NO women wants to hear about another women when you guys are still naked. How will she know then if you were thinking of her or that other chick when you came? Its just disrespectful.

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