I had a run in ....  

cristale75 41F
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6/26/2006 8:01 am
I had a run in ....

This weekend when I couldnt possibly look worse with the rain and stuff I bump into an ex of sorts.

He buys me ice cream(i guess he figured coffee was out of the question since i hate coffee) and we talk and talk and talk some more. After our conversation I realize why we didnt ultimately work out. We had friendship chemistry but when it came to the sex, well not that it was bad just umm uneventful.
I kinda got corrupted by a friend and there are just some thing I expect/desire from a romp and everytime he(the sorta ex)and I got naked he was very umm vanilla. A very nice guy but no physical sparks.
We would talk and the hours would just fly by and by the time we knew it could easily already be 4 am.

He kept being very touchy feely with me but I had to send out the thanks but no thanks vibe. Eventually he stopped and walked me to my car.

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