FYI: Im not a home wrecker.....  

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11/28/2005 7:52 am

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FYI: Im not a home wrecker.....

Yesterday my cyber chats started out ok. I got two guys IMing me.

One guy went right into ooohhh baby let me lick that pussy. Which was ok, he was great with detail but when he asked me if it made me hot i said no. I did tell him that I would read it later for stimulation purposes. He seemed to get offended.
The second guy tried to hide under im a nice guy facade. Something told me to ask how the wife was. He did not deny he had a live-in gf. OK. And im not judging but i dont want the drama. I explained to him that Karma is real, very REAL. I said I would talk to him but I would never want to meet him in person. He said he had to go do laundry and stopped talking and thats ok too.
I will give him, that he was honest he was attached...very rare in cyberland.

I dont mind if your attached if and only if its a couple situation. As long as the woman knows what it going on. How that affects them as a couple is on them. But I know I wouldnt be too happy to find out my man,if i had one, is trolling on a swinger site for sex.
Just remember guys, what goes around comes around.

rm_Miami_Man 49M

12/5/2005 7:51 pm


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