Overly emotional Male  

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12/5/2005 9:06 am

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Overly emotional Male

This being my 1st entry. I'd like to give a background on myself.
I'm a sensitive emotional 30 yr. old male with 2 children who live with me part time. My main interests are playing with children, being a good father, spending time with a special woman and being intimate with her. I also like being creative as a Graphic Artist I like visual things. The hopeless romatic in me also likes to write poems and I love to fantasize and dream. I'm always looking to the future. However the future looks pretty bleak to me right now. And thats because for the first time in my life I'm stuck in the past and questioning who I am and why.

I'm a sex addict stemming from how I was introduced to the subject as a child. I was 8 when I saw my 1st porn (my parents showed it to me to teach me about safe sex), and 13 when I had my 1st sensual relationship with my step mother. No intercoures. So as a emotional individual I've craved attention ever since and gone from 1 bad relationship to the next. And now I'm alone. Not because I'm bad but because the woman I fell in love with. Who I loved with all my heart and would do almost anything for as long as it didn't mean hurting my children all 4 (she has two girls I have two boys) And obviouselly since I'm laid back and she was very strict. We didn't agree on how to raise our children. It was great when it was me and her but once the children, family or freinds came into the picture all hell broke loose. To the point in which I lost myself, my beliefs, and almost my sanity. (And my friends)

I really would like to meet someone and have a caring, loving, healthy relationship, But since I lost myself so badly and my children celebrated (ages 5 and 7) when the last relationship was over I'd like to experience the world new people and build a friend base. I would also like to satisfy my cravings until I find that special someone. So I decided to try adult friend finders. I am a honest loving caring and helpfull friend. Who spends alot of time caring for and loving the one I'm with. However I also try to help others and be a good person. And from this day forward I want my needs and affections to be taken into consideration.
If you'd like to hang out or party with me let me know. I'm looking forward to starting over and enjoying the Now. Not looking forword to the future or dwelling in the past. All types of people welcome, freinds, lovers, companion, and advice.
Believe me I have alot to talk about.

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