A Dove In The Wind  

creativeromance 41M
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12/28/2005 8:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Dove In The Wind

I was a dove in the wind
soring on open wings
looking for a special friend
and wanting to experience new things

Flying away from the past
and looking to the future
when at last
I found such a beautiful creature

She was radiant from the inside out
and always knew what to say,
that's what love is truly about
when two people connect in such away

When everything seams to flow like a song
and you don't have to try
or worry what is wrong
for you know with out a doubt
because your connection is so strong

No matter what the circumstance
or how we feel
I always know that there is nothing stronger
than the love we feel

We are open to each others desires
for we are comfortable with our love
and enjoy putting gas on the fires
the fires that burn deep inside
that I will no longer have to hide

She is special and pure
pure in a way that I could say
makes me laugh and float away

SpaceRangerNJ 55M
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12/28/2005 9:26 pm

Wonderful sentiments. It's the love we are all looking for.

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