New Year! New Me! New You! Who Will You Be In 2006?  

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1/2/2006 2:59 am

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New Year! New Me! New You! Who Will You Be In 2006?

Greetings and a very happy 'New Year in 2006!

Well, there you have it, 2005 gone in the blink of an eye! Or, several thousand 'fire-works' if you were somewhere present to the noise, bustle and life of the party!

I was not! I was casting circle and spell making... ...making magic as the clock struck 12!

So, what now for 2006? For myself, I'm engaged in the avid stand of a major, 'life-audit'.

Why? Well, simply put, if I want my life, my mastership and warrior stand to be more than it was in 2005, I need to take stock, take an honest and integral look at my life and the world I've created around myself.

For me, as both 'Master' and 'Warrior' I find the most powerful thing to do is to look at what it is that you don't want in you life. Who you don't want in you life!

This is often much more powerful than focusing upon the 'ego's' wants, needs and wishes. After all, if we can effectively isolate the things which no longer work for us, the things most now redundant in our life, we stand a pretty good chance, I'd say of getting what we want.

I've been spending today preparing myself for a new year and a new me! To this end, I've done a 12 month 'Tarot' card reading, a full, life-audit and two boxes of, 'action' cards, one for my 'adult' BDSM life and one for my, 'adventured' life.

The adult and child in union not opposition. Polar opposites in harmony...

...somewhat a contradiction admitted, however, I think it's worth stepping out of one's comfort zone to embrace the possibility that all is achievable and available if one has mastership, commitment and integrity!

Finally, I'm taking a stand contractually! In 2006, I've decided to work as a BDSM Master within a contractual framework only!

In a nutshell, if you want to play with me in 2006 then you will need to embrace this idea as mandatory. No contract, no play! Simple!

Why? Because I only want to play with serious people who have respect for themselves and the path they walk! Submissive! Dominant! Switch!

In essence, it's for real if we're contracted to each other, in essence, it's purposeful and meaningful if there exists an agreement between us for our adventure together, whether 'real' or 'role' then we've something to hang our hat on, something to work within.

In possibility it allows us to move left or right. To abide or to decline. To punish or reward. In truth, whatever that is, it allows us the freedom to go deeper, explore more fully and to embrace each other more powerfully in all BDSM play.

So, if you like my profile and want to play, be AWARE! Contracts first or nothing last!

However, if I'm not for you and the new you in 2006 no problem. Hope you find who you're looking for! Maybe it's YOU!

Also, if you're new to this lifestyle and want advise on 'contracts', 'life-audits' and 'magic' for transformation please feel free to solicit my help and advice, it will be freely given.

So, the circle turns, the new moon rises and the sun sets once more on our earth. Another day, another moment of grace... ...or not as the case may be...'s your 2006 as well!

What will you be this year?

'Creative-Master-4-You'. x

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