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8/23/2005 5:45 am

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9/12/2006 2:31 pm


since i been on here alone, shyt has been crazy, and i wasnt using this site at all for a min, but than i met up wit a friend and his wife who are on here that invited me to their one night surfing on here i came out like wha tha hell...ill give a shot! seems like a way to waste your fukn time when u cant sleep so here i am, gettin mad notes that a mf cant keep up..but than i thought? hello tha ration women to man are outnumberd by a long shot right? well yaaa, women, we are fuckn hounded on this site! woundn't think with so much dik to look at on a daily basis! lol anyway, so here i am right..getting tha hang of it, deleting shyt, actually takn time to read shyt and here he cum in my mix...talking about "i know by lookin at these pics who u are and how much he missed tha goods" and im thinking who tha hell...scared. like who tha hell could have found me here of all places!
so i slowly click on your name and awwwwwwwwwwwww
nothing could have prepared me for what i saw. nada. it was YOU!
all them years of playin tricks on you and you got me so good for all them. redfaced. breathing hard. how the hell could i ever explain umm wat tha hell i was doin here, BUSTED! but calm n cool i sat n thought, well he on here too so we coo right?
but wait? how did u even find me? we not even in the same state. let alone country right now. and you found me. i havent spoke to you n a yrs and to find me like this! i know you would have paid money to see the look on my face! lol i still say you were looking for me..haha we talked all night and found out alot of things we werent aware of and that u didnt hate me and viceversa. it was good to catch up n old times and find out new things that are goin on in your life. i was blushed all day from tha embarrassment that i still was consumed but im glad we had tha chance to talk and to find out your still
"BIG CHIPS"! so funny tho...that u found me here! im now laughing about it!

rm_8super 37M
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8/23/2005 7:41 am

hi cheerful, u local perhaps we can meet up since u full of crap??

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