creatingstalkerz 38F
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8/15/2006 7:47 pm

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7/6/2007 10:46 am


I get alot of notes and i respond to maybe 30% of them, if that...some may wonder why i dont write them back, how do i know they wonder you ask??? Because they'll keep sending notes asking why I havent responded...duh!!! lol...well look, I like originality, versatility and good old fashion creativity, if your notes lack these things, u have no pic, 1 pic, a lot of the same not interested, unless your talk game compensates for your short comings on the visual, Im just not interested.......point blank, deah t'is, love me or hate me, i really dont care........

And if you 21 yr olds cant act right your banned too. Now i appreciate all the love im gettin from the fresh out of high schoolers, its cute....keeps me young at heart, but seriously....What can u do for me??? We can't even get into the same clubs or get a drink, legally, and im a strong believer of not contributing to minors....yes u are still a minor in my book. I swear you kill me with this, im mature for my age bullshit...but i if let you talk long enough, you'll talk your young asses right back to high school. If you have the need to say that out your mouth, thats a red flag #1 that you still young in the mind. A real man dont need to announce his manhood, it illuminates in everything he does.

When it comes to sex...You haven't been in the game long enough or messed with the right woman to put anything down chill out with the smooth talk, just be yourself, your real self...

Basically what im sayin is calm your asses down, stop lookin off your boy's page and tryin to see who gets where first. Your game NOT tight....wont nothing happen unless I SAY SO anyway...and a lil hint of advice, if you gotta ask more than once, you beggin, real playas....dont beg. And like they say the truth always comes to light...pick your lies carefully if u gonna go that route.

and three more things while im venting, stop asking me for sex, more pics (greedy asses) and if i have a man...if you read shit right, than u would know i do...
**didnt mean to be a bitch but daymnn i see so many young broads on here on ur level that i dont see how its not ez for u to be captain comon' cum save a ho**
anyway im out...peace n love CS

rm_BobBigGun 50M
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8/15/2006 8:26 pm

so...if I said I was mature for MY age, that wouldn't be too good either. lol

Blaq0578 38M
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10/2/2006 7:44 pm

lol! sounds like you were a little upset, but I feel you. Keep holdin down ya spot baby girl I'm lovin your work! Holla at me.

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