Dirty Dancing  

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7/11/2006 3:17 am
Dirty Dancing

I'd had a little too much to drink and began "dirty dancing" with my husband. I attracted a lot of attention, a little too much attention. I'd never been sexually except with anyone other than my husband, but I was dancing like a slut.

Max had to carry me home. He stripped me down to my bra and panties and poured me into our bed. I guess Max left our bedroom, I really hadn't noticed. I was just starting to doze off, when I heard a large THUMP!

"Max?" I asked to our empty bedroom. I sat up in bed; I was dizzy so I sat on the edge of our bed. Suddenly, our bedroom door flew open, I gasped as a man wearing a ski mask came in. At first I thought it was Max playing a joke on me, but I saw another man behind him, thin and smaller but also wearing a ski mask.

"We want you to dance for us!".

I was very scared but at the same time a little excited, I was trying to think straight but I was so drunk and was starting to get aroused. I started to gyrate my hips and I rubbed my nipples through my bra, they were already hard like tiny little spears. I looked over at the thin guy who was leaning against the wall, he was looking around the bedroom, barely looking at me. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet.

The large guy leaned back on the bed as he stared at me, he rubbed the large bulge in his jeans. My heart was pounding. "Hey look at this!" The thin guy found my husband's camcorder. He held it up for his partner to see. "Yeah." The large guy said, "Tape us for prosperity!"

I stopped dancing and watched him point the camera at me, "Please, don't...". I started moving again. "Please, don't hurt me... I'll do whatever you want!"

"Put that back on its tripod!" I heard the big guy say. "But point it toward the bed and leave it taping!".

I opened my eyes and watched the thin guy do what he was told. The large guy grabbed me by the wrist and he threw me on the bed, the thin guy jumped on the bed beside me. "Please don't...".

"Take out his cock." I reached in his underwear and pulled out his long, thin cock. It was semi-hard and growing.

"Suck it." The large guy demanded. I looked up at the red, blinking light on the camcorder, I felt a large hand snatch up the hair on the back on my head and thrust my head down, I started to lightly lick the tip of his penis. He moaned loudly when I took the whole thing in my mouth. As I sucked on it, I heard another zipper go down. The large guy grabbed my right hand and placed it on his rock hard cock. It was 3 times longer than Max's and twice as thick. I could barely get my hand around it.

The large guy leaned close to me and with hot, foul breath he whispered in my ear, "The fun's just starting... You're gonna get the fucking of a life time!".

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