The most important person in the world...  

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10/9/2005 9:25 am

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The most important person in the world...

A few days ago my wife and I got invited to a friend's place who we hadn't seen in ages. Upon arriving we let ourselves in and strolled into their great room where everyone was hanging out. When our friend saw us, her face & eyes lit up and she ran to greet us. It actually made me feel great that it would mean that much to her that we came. And as I observed her that night I noticed that she responded similarly to everyone who arrived at our party. And it wasn't insincere, it was geniune. I could see why so many people like her! Since then I've been thinking about it quite a bit. The whole experience reminded me of a friend of mine who I had back in college. He used to always say, "make every person you meet feel like they're the most important person in the world" And he always lived this out. He was an individual who initially I had no interest in as a friend, as I was a somewhat shallow person looking to find popular people to surround myself with. But he persisted and continually made attempts to let me know he wanted to be my friend. In time he won me over and we became best friends, but the month after college he was tragically killed in a work related accident. I'll never forget him and the impact he had in my life. I remember back then at the time of the accident how much I wanted to make my life count so that I could treat other people like he did... to make every person I met feel like they're the most important person in the world.
But this past week I've been thinking a lot about my life and it seems like I've let a lot of things get derailed in terms of my values and beliefs in this past year and I've lost track of what's really important. Discovering this site has helped me get in touch with a side of me that I'm really curious to explore but at the same time it's made me wary too as I see the emptyness and driveness of it all apart from personal virtue. I want to be the kind of person who holds his head high, not from personal pride or arrogance, but because I know that I'm doing what I know is right. I want to be remembered as someone who was a friend to others, not just to those who could benefit me but to everyone who crosses my path who I can be a friend to. And so the battle within continues...

heavenly_body39 60F
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10/10/2005 4:38 pm

hey do you mean, 'an off blog day'?? did you see how many people felt inspired to comment, including, finally ...YOU??

thanks for the visit to my blog...and feel free to add a comment whenever the spirit moves you. btw, i have not forgotten you; i simply prefer i/m over emailing...let's keep in touch.

peace and hugs

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