Long weekends are good  

crazygirl4u1968 48F
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11/4/2005 4:58 pm

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10/14/2006 11:19 am

Long weekends are good

I'm sitting here in front of my laptop waiting for my pizza so I can have some dinner and I'm wondering how many orgasms I can give myself tonight? its been a long week, and my body is tired so to relax I'll have my usual long bath and after that when I'm all clean and refresh I'll turn the lights down climb on my bed and caress my body all over.....
make my nippels hard and get my self all wet....
I wonder? how many people out there are the doing the same thing I'm doing? relaxing at home? playing with their bodies, touching, caressing, fucking? If you're out there just like me drop me a line....I want to hear from you.

Danmc3179339 55M
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11/4/2005 6:37 pm

Baby If I knew where you were I'd come over and give you a nice back rub. Then we could go get in the shower. I'd start on your back. Long slow stocks with the soft cloth. Can you feel the soap. left yoour right arm and i'll reach around and caress your breast with my right hand. Can you feel my hot rod presssed against your wet bottom. Could lift your left arm. I reach around to your left breast. I like your tattooed breast. Turn around and kiss me. I want feel your mouth against mine. Thank you. may I kiss you love hole. I just slip my mouth against your wet pussy. Your pussy is beautiful. and so are you. Let go get in bed. and you tell how you like it.

Danmc3179339 55M
10 posts
11/4/2005 6:42 pm

Just so you know my name is dan and I have a cll phne in area 505 and number is ez to figure out if you read my name

rm_hairguy9595 52M
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11/4/2005 6:45 pm

lets here more

debls1962 54F
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11/4/2005 7:05 pm

I think there are more of us than you can imagine. Finding companionship in todays society is really hard. Masturbation is just about the only safe sexual outlet left.

Danmc3179339 55M
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11/4/2005 8:01 pm

I for one do enjoy my own hand early in the morning while taking my shower. Lots of soaps and my own thoughts of a girl and what she can do and what I can do with her. The only thing is I wish it could last alot longer.

Debls1962 I bet you could weave a heart warming tale. or at least a penis harding tail.

Hobbes1025 46M

11/5/2005 12:25 am

    Quoting debls1962:
    I think there are more of us than you can imagine. Finding companionship in todays society is really hard. Masturbation is just about the only safe sexual outlet left.
Yes, there are lots of us out here all alone, and looking for someone to spend our time with so were not spending our time with our own hands.

Finding companionship is hard; and masturbation IS just about about the only safe sexual outlet. In about five minutes, before I go to bed, I will be pleasuring myself as I have just about every night for the last 12+ years. TMI? -probably!

rm_Brian1638 48M
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11/14/2005 4:04 am

Your search has ended, I have the diagnosis for your sex craving. Contact me at AdultFriendFinder

slimcat17 40M
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11/16/2005 11:27 am

hey you too! would like to help out any day contact me

niterider77777 66M
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12/7/2005 4:50 pm

Hi, Would love to help you out with your lonely weekend.

niterider77777 66M
20 posts
1/27/2006 2:05 pm

I hope yo are still not looking for someone to help you with your lonely nights. If you are I am still available.

ThinkFollyPlays 64M
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4/5/2006 9:41 am

yes there are plenty of us over 40 who are now sitting at home. Rubbing ourselves on the weekend cause we can't find anybody to play with. I don't do the bar scene anymore. If i don't meet them at Wal Mart Then where u going to meet them. I haven't even met anyone on Friend Finders. I'm patient and wiating ! Until then i'll just keep jerking off and tasting myself ! Waiting for u to e mail me !

rm_maewilson 66F

4/29/2006 10:52 am

hi as soon as hubby leaves i would love to meet you on yahoo im kittykhat1952...let me know if you want to meet ..itll be great

rm_maewilson 66F

4/29/2006 10:55 am

he leaves may 9th hope to talk to u then ..im bi hope that doesnt affend you

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