What shape of vaginas do men love to chomp on!!!  

crazycockbird 56M
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6/17/2005 5:42 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What shape of vaginas do men love to chomp on!!!

Hmm! here's one for some debating. Personally, I love my "mons veneris" to be be raised, healthy, like a camel's toe. Yummy!!

Not too much pubes, due to the obvious (fur ball in throat or hair in the braces)also due to the fact, in my opinion, that the lady loses sensation if you tongue her and she is hirstute. You tend to spend so much time parting the pubes, pulling out hair from your mouth that it does get distracting.

On the flip side, one may argue that the pubes do come in handy for some light, gently massaging on ones clit!!!! Regardless, it is preferential.

So, coming back to my preference, I love the camel's toe juicy not too hairy. The outer labia to be somewhat fat, not floppy and saggy, so when you are going down on your lady, she feels you, licking the outer and inner of her labia, light, gentle and some warm breath on it. Can almost feel you squirm ladies.

As for the clit, I prefer a healthy one not too long like a roosters comb but one, when you nibble it gently she arches her back and grabs your head.

Would love to hear comments from women too on what your man prefers also, what you guys like to have us men do to you.

rm_qcao1 48F
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6/17/2005 8:07 pm

Size, shape, color, cut, uncut- not important, I just enjoy the person I am with. If chemistry is there, nothing else matters, why waste time on such irrelevant things.

crazycockbird 56M

6/18/2005 4:21 am

Point of view taken, however, if the chemistry is right and if you or I undressed and we both didn't like what we saw u nderneath would we still be interested?

I think not.... I was interested with this gorgeous european lady..she had a great face, lovely smile and the chemistry was right for us to get into bed and when she undressed her nipples where hairy!!!! Me being shocked was an understatement. Needless to say it was off. The point being, if I undressed and I had a real small weenie, I'm sure that would be a turn - off wouldn't it??

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