I dream of you Faba 22 - part 2  

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5/29/2005 8:53 pm

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I dream of you Faba 22 - part 2

..... you urge me to follow you, we get into a cab, your husky voice telling the cabbie the place we need to get to is a turn on, I'm truly smitten.

We hold hands and then you turn your mouth to me again, this time we kiss ardently like there's no tomorrow you hold me and moan and I am really wanting to feel you against me. It's time to get out of the cab, I pay you grab me by the hands to lead me to your apartment, we climb upstairs you touching me, holding me, wanting me. You open the door we hold each other, I gently move your beautiful hair from your face and kiss you again, you undo my jacket, my shirt, you rub your hands tenderly on my chest and I lift you up stradding my waist and we back into your bedroom kissing all the time.

I lay you slowly onto the bed, kneeling in front of you and kiss your throat and work my way to your cleavage. You are moaning for me holding my hair and running your fingers on my cheeks. I kiss your skin evrytime I unbutton your shirt, your breathing starts to get laboured, your legs are wrapped around my waistholding me tighter and thrusting towards me.

i remove your shirt, and undo your lacy bra, tenderly kissing your shoulders and your neck, I spin you around kiss your back from your nape all the way to the top of your skirt. I undo your skirt and wiggle it gently off your voluptuos body, stopping to savour the site, your skin, your well toned thighs and feasting longingly on your panties and what you are covering them with. I remove them off you slowly, your maoning gets louder, I kiss the small of your back and blow my warm breath on your back. I lick and kiss you to your toes, nibble them and suck them and you start to scream, I work my tongue to the inside of your thighs and you spread your legs awaiting me to kiss your glistening pubes. Your clitoris is swelling in anticipation, you are wet and your vagina is throbbing.

You grab my head guiding me to your love spot, I breathe some more war air on your clitoris, you raise your ass off to meet my tongue and mouth and I skirt away, licking your labia and blowing again as I lick. You are begging me to lick you and as much as I want to, I want to make this last for both of us. I lick the part between your anus and your vagina and you scream, I know your ready for me as you vagina is contarcting and expanding feverishly. i move slowly to your clitoris, I lick it gently and you thrust your vagina into my face. I lick it just above it and circle my way down to your labia and you are begging me to mouth you. I stand up slowly and remove my clothes and my penis has grown to its 8" eager to be in your vagina.I lower myself onto my knees again and lick you hard, your juices are flowing and its tastes great. I lick you softly and alternate between hard and soft until you explode in my mouth. I turn you over raise your ass of the bed on to a pillow and I lick you once again from behind, you are now clutching on to the sheets almost ripping it apart with your face buried into your pillow. I start to lock you from your anus to your clit and back again and tickle your anus, you are screaming muffled sounds and I can wait no longer, I turn you around carry you straddled against my waist and as I sit on the edge of the bed I lower you on to my penis, you hiss out in eagerness, you grab my hair, suck my ears and start to raise and lower your beautiful body onto my penis which has disappeard into your moist, hot vagina.

You start to bob up and down and I can feel you come and I slow you down, and with you still wrapped around my waist I get off the edge of the bed turn around and lower you onto the bed still impaled on me. I hold your breasts, lick and kiss them, you are eagerly thrusting to feel me completely inside you and I bend down to kiss your neck, your throat, your breasts and I feel I do not know where to start and stop as I want to consume you.

We start to move quicker with our movements, then slowly increase, we go faster, faster, our bodies so close, sweating with the heat that we are generating as our bodies are on fire. I can feel you cuming as i want to be with you so, I start to move harder,our bodies slapping against eachother , you are becoming so wet and Im getting harder ready to burst inside you. You convulse and raise your body and I pound you so hard and turn rigid. The intensity of me cumimg is great as I can feel my testicles, explode and my sperm rushing out all the way down my shaft into you, you shudder gloriously and relax , more like slump down and I feel my penis jerk and jerk and jerk and jerk iside you.

Still on top of you I kiss your eyes, your forehead, your lips, your ears, your neck, your throat, you start to hold me tighter, pleasured, happy and deliriously happy. Your skin is glowing and so are your eyes. i can feel warm cum run down my testicles, down past your anus on to the bed. i move away get a towel, turn on the hot water and soak the towel in it. I place it slowly over your vagina and you moan, I wipe you down slowly and kiss you and lick you again as I cant get enough of you.

I turn you around sponge your gorgeous ass and kiss your ass cheeks, slowly at first then with more ardour. You languidly roll over and pull me to meet your lips......as if you hadnt had enough of me.

...... wil finish this off tomorrow..... as I have a raging hard on....

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