I dream of you Faba 22  

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5/29/2005 8:07 am

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I dream of you Faba 22

I'm a newbie, and on searching this site for possible contacts, I happened on this gorgeous beauty from Istanbul, Turkey.

This is about you, Faba as I had the most amazing dream last nite about you. The dream goes that we finally meet after a few months of chatting via cyber, I get to stay in Istanbul and we plan to meet for dinner... I arrive at your doorstep a dozen red roses for a beautiful lady, knock and you just stand there a vision of beauty and sensuality that smile that has me stunned and savouring your beauty. You smile embarrassedly and demurely lower your eyes. We shake hands and I kiss your left cheek, slowly smelling the perfume that compliments your texture and dusky colour of your skin. My heart is pounding, I feel like a teenager once again.

You take me to this restaurant not far from where you live and I ask you to order for us as I just adore the soft tones in your voice. We speak of our families, our jobs, we catch up again on all the conversations we had prior to our meeting, we are just so happy. We do not know we have had our dinner, you ask me if I wanted a coffee and I said yes and could we have it some where else.

You take me to this secluded spot and we just gaze at each other, the atmosphere is electric and I cannot help but put my arms around you. You look up to me, questioning my action, asking me with your eyes are you playing with my emotions? From the look in my eyes you know I am not and you rest your head gently on my shoulder. Time passes by and the din of the bustling night is just forgotten.

Our closeness creates enough passion for us to move closer and once again you gaze into my eyes. The look, searching, asking, without blinking if I had the same love for you as you had. I lean towards you and eyes closed I kiss you gently on your lips. Your mouth opens so passionately to meet mine and we kiss with such gentleness and passion that we know deep within ourselves that this is for keeps.

Will tell you more tomorrow....

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