hoping to let loose  

UvealTubesMovie 46M/45F
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8/2/2006 7:27 pm

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11/17/2006 4:32 pm

hoping to let loose

Not much has happened in the past week.....but things should definitely be improving we've agreed that though he doesn't want to do mfm yet, I can go ahead an fulfill my fantasy...the trick will be choosing who to have fun with--so many men, so little time
Last night I went to the bar and I wanted it so bad I called home to see if I could get permission....wouldn't you know he was asleep and didn't hear the phone blew my chance at some long overdue fun ...
Still loving the webcam..though I think I've had an embarassing experience live for the world to see...hopefully no one noticed (and no, i'm not telling what it was--if you didn't see it you don't need to know)
Well, here's hoping that this permission slip doesn't have an expiration date! I have the feeling once I start I won't want to stop
Love and Kisses to all....and to all a good night!

Let's please each other

ky4fun2006 67M
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8/14/2006 8:15 pm

I love your cam! I really love it when you have the audio goingI hope to see you when you get your wish! I am looking forward to the next time!!

shifter58 72M  
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8/17/2006 10:57 pm

crafty, you are one very hot young woman....I would love to be the one that gets you in a MFM threesome....if not one on one is great also...
Keep it up and I hope you get your fantasy...
kisses and licks

ky4fun2006 67M
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8/18/2006 8:01 pm

Where have you been? You have been missed!

rm_77toon 51M
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11/15/2006 9:51 am

which bars do you hang out at - me and the boys will keep an eye out! great camming btw

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