My line of work will leave me Single 4 ever!  

cpt_cadoo 37M
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5/8/2006 2:19 am
My line of work will leave me Single 4 ever!

Does she really exist ? How can I find her ? How can I lure her in? Am I sending the wrong Signals?

Or is it my career choice, you know the story line. Boy puts on Uniform and becomes a Man. Man meets Beautiful Woman, who likes the way the Man looks in his Uniform. You know the ending...

But what happens when the appeal to the Man's Uniform wear's off ?

My career will have me walking the path alone.

A glimpse into one of my days;

Well my day started well like most days one pant leg at a time. I am on the Night Shift at work, i am a police officer. And have been now for over 3 years. And well last night i was working and i came across another situation where i was able to give someone a break and i made sure they got home safely. And i simply wrote it up that way, then tonight while on patrol i came across that very same person i helped out last night. And this time that person was very upset and unstable, and when i tried to talk with that person she proceeded to spit in my face, which to me is about as low as it gets. So naturally i had no choice but to arrest and detain her. Then i got the call from my Sgt. saying that she is making a public complaint against me for "Picking on Her". Today is one of those days were i just really question why i do this, it isnt for the money or the way we are treated that is for sure. Respect just seems to be lost these days.... Losing faith

But at the end of the day I always come to the same conculsion, and that is I would never do anything else.


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