Why We Swing  

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12/10/2005 3:26 pm

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Why We Swing

We have a married couple that are our friends that is going through a tough time right now. It seems that they both are habitual cheaters. They are both upset that the other would cheat, it seems as though they think they are what is all and great in each other's lives and there is no way anything else could matter.

Sex is nothing more than a physical act that is exchanged between two people. The attachment that is created by two people is mental in nature. We look at the one across from us and know who they are inside and out. You talk to the person and can somewhat finish sentences because you know them that well. If you don't, why are you together?

It is funny when you think of those friends that would frown on what we do. They are so much more "committed" to their partner (that they cheat on...lol) and look down their nose on the lifestyle.

We have male friends, jealous male friends that say they could not have sex with their wife again if she was with another man. Well, what about the men she had sex with before you? I don't know about anyone else, I am only on my second wife, and neither one of them were virgins when we went on our honeymoon (that ended quickly the first time, she thought I was cheating...lol). My wife did not marry the man she lost her virginity to either, she wanted to have life experiences to work off when she did marry (I am also her second). So what is all the fuss about the "tainted" woman.

Then there are those women that say "my man will leave me for a better looking woman". Again, if you have a worry, it means you feel guilty about your inability to take care of yourself.

Then there are those couples that think the other person will find someone new and leave them. Those people that believe this should realize that sex is the least of their worries. If you fear your other half will leave, then you are not true to the other half. You must be the best person that you can be and this will not be a worry. And so what if the other does find another, if you are confident that you are being the best person you can, there will be a line of people waiting.

I mention the above examples, and to be PC will say that they could go either way, male or female. But, I don't believe it.

Swinging allows each partner to keep the youth experiences of the past alive. We get to be attracted to another person and feel attractive, which is a great self-esteem builder.

Swinging allows each partner to learn about what makes them feel good, sexually. For those prudes that are in a sexual rut, a new set of ideas and experiences will do worlds of good.

But the reason that my wife and I swing are none of those things. We do not have any children together (all three from previous marriages). My wife and I are best friends first. Comfortable with our own minds and bodies.

We swing because what keeps us together is each other, not children, possessive tendencies, guilt, fear, or comfortable/ordinary sex.

sexywhiteboy07 46M

12/15/2005 8:42 pm

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BransonLuvFest 50M/50F

2/11/2006 2:30 pm

Very well said. Y'all have a great attitude.

unibal 52M/51F

6/6/2006 8:47 pm

Well written by a couple that simply have to be a pleasure and joy to spend time with. Very refreshing, open, matter of fact and understanding all at once.

badfatboy 64M/57F
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3/3/2008 9:32 pm

That is the best explanation I've ever heard. You are dead on and I think all Counselors should have this on thier walls. It's so true.

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