Very Sexy Imagination  

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4/5/2006 6:42 am

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Very Sexy Imagination

I feel her presence as I slide into the pool, my bikini clings to my groin as the water rises up my leg and touches my stomach. I didn’t think it possible to feel her presence so vividly, her gaze touching my skin, leaving a tingle and, I am sure, raising Goosebumps.

We have been friends for several months, ever since I moved here for work. She is an attractive girl; we have had some fun going out together, her showing me some of the sights and sounds of my new home. We have really made a hit at several of the clubs we attended, dancing and drawing the attention of all the guys in the room. Several times we have both taken men home and fucked ourselves silly in adjoining rooms. Never have we shared or acted sexually towards the other though.

Last night was one of those nights, we both pulled spunky men. My man had dark hair, broad shoulders and a thick, strong chest. A nice covering of hair, dark and curly covered his head and chest, not so much as to be a rug or spread onto his shoulders or back though. He was actually very spunky. Cute butt and kisses that made me melt; so tender yet strong and demanding at the same time.

Her guy was taller and athletic looking, although somehow less strong looking. He was a gentleman to me and obviously had Katie very excited about what lay ahead. We all walked home from the club together, arm in arm and chatting like a group of old friends. A nightcap was downed very quickly when we got home though, we were all eager to commence the horizontal part of the night.

I took my guy into my room as I saw Katie’s skirt being raised, exposing her cute arse. I could tell but the way she moved she was very excited about her catch. This thought was quickly washed from my mind by leg weakening kisses and a strong masculine body holding me tight. We made passionate sex that night, I would call it made love but surely that is not possible on a first night? He was so strong and tender that when we came together, even though it was my only orgasm for the night, it was enough to fully satisfy me. He came into his condom while pushed deep inside me. Just so special. We lay there, his arms around me, and he fell asleep slowly, breathing in time with me. As I lay there in his arms, his penis pressed against my bum, I heard them fucking.

The rhythm of their bed moving, the cry of her voice as he thrust, I could hear it all. I lay there smelling our sex and feeling so good after out passion, then their sounds, I was in an erotic heaven. As I lay there with my eyes closed, I had images of them fucking, her sexy body being satisfied by his athletic ability. I was getting so wet imagining their bodies were in the room with me. I must have been moving my hips in rhythm as I felt the penis awakening against my bum.

I reached around and stroked it to full life, then slipped it into my now soaked pussy. I lay there listening to them fuck with this beautifully passionate man deep inside me. He had now awakened and had quickly worked out why I was again so excited. We lay there together, enjoying the tenderness and our own fantasies about the other two. I fell asleep with him slowly fucking me and my mind imagining her naked body.

The morning started for me where the night finished, I awoke and immediately thought of the penis which had been inside me. I slipped out of bed and quickly toileted before sliding back in to awaken my man. Sliding up against his body, I rubbed my breasts against his body, then reversing the direction; I worked down to his penis. I can tell you, it did not take much to awaken this phallus. I had him hard and inside my mouth very quickly. The morning was much more animalistic for us than the previous night, involving several positions and he returned my oral favour. Then came time for him to leave, he was already late for a bike ride with his group so he left having fed on my pussy alone and promising to call.

I required sustenance so began cooking breakfast. I thought I would make a nice feed to go along with my mood, and also thought that I should like to cook for the other two if they were still home. I slipped over to their door and peaked through the window above it as I did not want to disturb them yet if they were still there. I was greeted with the sight of their beautiful naked bodies entwined in a 69, and found myself lingering to watch in fascination. Not wanting to be caught I dragged myself away and prepared a cooked breakfast for three, orange juice, scrambled eggs, salmon and spinach, seasoned and flavoured appropriately.

I then walked to their door threw it open and announce breakfast for three and they would have to finish after sustenance. I did this whilst feasting my eyes on their sex, joined as his penis disappeared inside her as she straddled him from above. Again I was wet and filled with lust, but being strong, I quickly turned again closing the door and started my breakfast at the table. They soon joined me and I could tell the smells and need for strength was what had dragged them from their nest. I made a light comment about them having fun and left it at that.

After eating I went for a walk. Retuning home after an hour, I found he had left and Katie looking very satisfied. We laughed about the night and I told her of my fulfilment, I did not mention my fantasy about her fucking though. We decided that the day deserved lounging in the pool so went and changed.

As I slipped into the pool I could feel her gaze, it awakened me with an unusual sense of sexiness. I think this changed my motions slightly but I felt myself shimmering and holding my breast up and out, accentuating my curves. I also found myself stealing glances at her body and felt myself come alive. I think it was the cumulative effect of the previous night’s sex but I was filled with desire. As we lay in the spa part of the pool, I let my body float closer to hers. Our legs were touching, our arms floating around each others. Suddenly, as it seemed, we both moved together, our hands stroking legs, stomachs and finding breasts which were not our own. My skin came alive with sensation; my loins tingled and felt like they had never done before. I was naked and found myself removing a bikini from my housemate.

We kissed and fondled each others bodies for a long time, exploring with hands and mouths. Then we could no longer resist the moment. We both climbed out of the water and quickly towelled each others bodies. I could now see how swollen and excited her pussy was, her lips swollen apart and glistening with more than pool water. I had to taste that and found she must have thought the same of me. We lowered to the ground and quickly discovered that the only position that would work was a 69. Both insatiably exploring another woman for the first time, we experimented and explored so long that the concrete we were laying on became unbearably uncomfortable. Giggling, we retrieved our bikinis, one non matching pair was still floating in the pool! We dressed into our bikinis and towels and returned inside.

I can tell you, we enjoyed our day for several more lingering hours before my new man called. I cheekily invited him over for dinner and we got in touch with her guy. Our dinner party was civilised and without sexual undertones, but what followed blew the guys minds!

rm_Lustbirds2 48M/46F
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4/5/2006 11:30 pm

umm.. wow. This is really great writing. Whether real or not it felt like we were there.

What followed hun?

cplforhornyfun 40M/40F
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4/6/2006 12:20 am

Thanx lustbirds, I love getting feedback and positive feedback is even better. I will work on some more if you liked it. Some is based around reality, the rest is my mental exploration. Maybe one day I will have some of the fantasies realised!!

rm_Lustbirds2 48M/46F
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4/6/2006 4:15 pm

May not be that far away lol. Just being on the site here is a great step.

We have been amazed with some of the things we have done and seen over the past 4 years. Life is for living..

More would be great

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