whats your worst sex secret thet you would never tell anyone ?? wanna know mine?  

cpleazfreaks 39M/35F
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5/23/2006 11:24 am

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whats your worst sex secret thet you would never tell anyone ?? wanna know mine?

imagesvp 42M
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5/23/2006 1:16 pm


My worst sex secret is that I'd like to live again as a adult what I once lived as a teen.
In those days, my girlfriend'a mother was working as a sexologist in our town seconday schools. In public and private ones. Among others, in a girls only private college.
She once asked me to come in one of her girls only classes so the girls could have a chance to meet a "real" boy of their age and ask him all the very "private" questions they could think of but in a "controled" environment.
I acceptd and a week later, there I was talking to a class of girls about boy's reality, sexuality, beliefs and ideas.
After a while, one of them asked me and her teacher if I wouldNt mind to show them what a real boy's body really looked like!
The teacher did'nt mind and I accepted too.
Hence, a few minutes later, there I was standing in the yeacher's chair and undressing completelly in front of the class.
Needless to say, before I ended, I had the stiiffest hard on one can have.
Of course, he teacher explained to the group what they were seeing.

One bright girl asked me if I was I was already a man of still a boy.

"A man of course!" was my answer.

"Hence would-you mind showing us what real sperm looks like?" said she then.

"Why not? It would allow the girls to also look at a normal or limp penis too afterwards" said the teacher. "if our friend does'nt mind of course", added-she.

I accepted and minutes later, there I was masturbating in front of the group to cum in a glass so they could give a look to "real fresh sperm".

Unforgetable exprience and a very enjoyable one...

That's all

cpleazfreaks 39M/35F
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5/24/2006 1:30 pm

What a wonderful story. It sounds like fun and what a sweet thing to do,

imagesvp 42M
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5/25/2006 12:47 am


It was indeed quite fun to do, and two years later, I had the opportunity to meet two girls from that class while I had a summertime job in a restaurant as a busboy.
They were the ones that recognised me and told me so when I came clean the table where they sat.
I was on the job, so I could'nt talk much so they asked me my phone number to call me after work.
I gave it to them and one of them did call me that night.
She gave me a rendez-vous for the next week end for a old classmates party at one of the girls place to talk about the very "special" course we had all participated in.
I went and when I arrived at her place, there were more than two dozens of them waiting for me, with no parents home.
They told me they wished very strongly that I'd accept to do some sort of a "replay" of my first performance and spend the party time naked with them to give a little "knack" to it and give them a good recall of our meeting two years earlier.
Needless to say, I was kind of easy to convince because I could'nt forget my first experience with them.
So we first staged a musical strip tease to start up with.

Hence that was the best party I ever had!

They all insisted that I'd dance at least once with each of them, still naked.
Of course, close "slows" were the prefered dances. Both for me and them because I was dancing nearly for all the evening!
They quickly found how to take profit of my special "handle", which made me cum a few times that night while dancing.
Years later, I still dream of it all and wish I could serve as a sexual object again in such highly pleasurable circonstances!

Unfortunatly that never occured again . (sigh)

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