Fun time in Macon July 30th!  

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8/7/2005 11:04 am

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Fun time in Macon July 30th!

Dave's last weekend here and we decided to go to a "swinger party" in Macon, GA held by a group we're a member of. It was to start at noon and go till at least 1 am.

We got there a little after noon and were quite nervous about making our way down to the BBQ party location by the pool. But finally I convinced Dave to go down and we met some of the other members and we had a great time, drinking and socializing. Around the time food was served it started pouring rain. We ate and then went up to our rooms (the party was at a hotel). We talked outside our room for a long time with the people staying in the room next to us. They were pretty cool. After a while, near 6 I'd say, we got hungry. The "real" festivities weren't starting until 8 and we didn't know if there'd be food served there so we went with them and 2 other couples to a nearby BBQ restaurant and ate some dinner. By this time I was in desperate need of sobering up. I'm one of those that has to be sober to have a good time. Or at least mostly sober anyway. I don't like the feeling of being drunk. Blah.

Anyway so after we ate and got back to our room it was time to go to the conference room for the main event. We weren't sure how many people were there yet and we certainly didn't want to be the first, but we went ahead and went down there. We weren't the first, thankfully. We "checked in" and went to a table to sit and socialize. We realized that everybody had brought their coolers for drinks so we went and got ours and brought it down and then stayed for the rest of the party.

It wasn't long before we saw people getting topless in there. I didn't know what to expect at this party, so I wasn't expecting that. I just sat in my chair feeling like crap while Dave had a blast playing with all the titties. He probably thought I was upset or jealous, but I wasn't. I just had nicotine overdose. See, I'm not a smoker... but I used to be... until about 1 1/2 years ago. When we got to this party and I got to drinking I got so tempted by all the smokers around me I started smoking... a lot. I got sick from it. So I was just sitting there drinking Sprite and watching all the chaos around me. Several people came up and talked to me. Some I knew, some I didn't. Some I would eventually get to know.

A guy and his wife came up and talked to me. I won't disclose their names. He's B and she's M. Well B was talking to me and I told him I didn't feel good. He didn't seem to know what I meant so he just told M to make me feel better and she placed my hand on her breast. Well I couldn't help but grin. I hadn't felt a woman's breast in over 4 years! When B saw that I wasn't "feeling much better" he inquired about it and I explained the whole Nicotine overdose thing to him and M. They understood. They kept talking to me and me and M were playing with each other's breasts and we had a good time socializing, all the while Dave was having fun with all kinds of women around him. After a while I started feeling MUCH better and B and M invited me up to their room for more fun... after one of them put my hand between her legs, that is. I hadn't felt that in over 4 years either! So I told them Dave would have to be there, that was our agreement.

I told B and M what Dave's fantasy was, to have two women for the first time. He'd only ever been with me, and he'd never seen, in real life, two women together. So B agreed to stay behind while M and I took Dave up to their room. Well, M and I tried to get Dave off the dance floor and up to the room but he wouldn't budge. So she and I grabbed our cooler and went up to mine and Dave's room. At least there, he'd be able to find us.

Right when she and I got naked, he walked in with B standing behind him. B said he was going to go off to another room and that we should have fun. So Dave came in and got naked and we proceeded to "have fun."

M played with me for a while, licking me and fingering me... and Dave played with her. It was nice. Then she stopped and came and layed next to me and Dave said it was her turn to receive. So I got down and started licking away. It was great. Dave got on the other bed and laid there watching for a few minutes, then M asked him what he was doing over there and he told her he was just watching and she told him to come distract me. So he came and tried to distract me but I was too into it. After a while I stopped what I was doing and told M what Dave's full fantasy was... to have two women doggy style back to back. I asked her if that was ok with her. She said sure. So I told Dave to instruct us as to what to do. We knelt at the edge of the bed beside each other. First he did her, then me, then her, then me on my back, then her on her back. Then he took the condom off and wanted us to both suck on him but he didn't specify that he wanted her to as well so she thought he just wanted me to so when I told him to go wash off the latex taste she said she was going to go find B. I said ok and we kissed goodbye and then Dave was like "well let's see if people are still in the party room."

As soon as we stepped out of the room, we saw everybody was in the pool... so we went back in and changed into our bathing suits. We got down to the pool and L and her husband came up to us and beckoned us to go to their room. We went, and Dave did L and her husband did foreplay on me. He wanted to fuck me but he didn't have a condom. And Dave wanted to watch, so he went to get a condom, but for some unknown reason that didn't work out. So after that L came over and started eating me out... but when she stuck her fingers in, fingers with huge long nails, she hurt me. I could only take so much pain and eventually I told her to stop. I think she was offended, but what was I supposed to do?

We eventually got dressed and went back out to the pool area and B and M were down there. B was upset because apparently he hadn't gotten any that night... but then L and her husband invited them to their room so I guess that worked out. We went back to our room alone... talked about everything... and went to sleep.

Monday evening, I was online and I got the strangest IM from a gay male friend of mine. He basically asked me for sex. I was like "HUH?" He wanted to have sex with a woman for the first time. ME! Dave was ok with it, he wanted to watch, so he came over, even though his boyfriend was totally against it. He made me promise not to tell his boyfriend. Dave was still kinda "bi-curious" so after my gay friend got intoxicated we all did each other and called it a night.

Well... this morning I get a call from my gay friend... he got drunk last night and told his boyfriend about it. But he told him it happened at the end of June. So he told me his boyfriend was going to ask me about it and that I should tell him it happened at the end of June.

When I signed on the computer, I got a ton of LiveJournal comments from his boyfriend about this situation... so I decided I wasn't going to lie. I told C that it happened on Monday and C said he just wanted to know the truth... and he said that maybe when Dave gets back from Iraq we could all have a foursome since Dave is so totally sexy! Well I'll have to talk to Dave about that... Dave said he's ok with doing foreplay with a guy but he didn't really enjoy the sex. So we'll see what he says about that. At least C doesn't hate me and hopefully their relationship isn't going to end.

So those are my experiences from last weekend. Now I'm ready for a real relationship with a woman. Any takers?

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