They came for drinks  

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11/14/2005 12:18 am

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They came for drinks

I went to the bar after my close encounter with the floor, and had a whisky followed by a Millers from the bar you had a full 180 view of the resort, well is awesome, with the sun setting the shy was golden after a while the group of woman I had seen in the heated pool came to the bar, I looked at them and started to chuckle knowing well how I must have looked, well they came right to where I was sitting introduced themselves and congratulated me on my attempt at stair jumping.

Well we all had a good laugh and I invited them to join me for a few drinks, as the waiter brought our round, and the evening started, we started telling each other about ourselves, what we did ext the usual stuff.

They were all good looking but one stood out Jackie well she was exquisite beautifully tanned athletic body, dark long hair a beautiful sharp features face, they were still wearing their costumes with sarongs straight from the pool.

My focus was on here I could not take my eyes off of here, well she was looking as well and after taking some advice offered by other members of this site I made a move and well it did something, I think they were out for a weekend of fun before I knew what was going on the other three said they are going to the games room would we like to join them, well Jackie said she wanted to have a few more drinks and watch the sun go down, well I could not leave here on here own.

We moved to the balcony to get some privacy and to sit at a table, we both sat on the two seater overlooking the resort and made small talk, I felt like a school kid again must I put my arm around here or not.

Well I turned more towards here looked at here as she put here drink down, I wasn’t thinking I put my one hand on here thigh leaned over and kissed here, wow she kissed me back hard and I felt here hand move up on my inner thigh, I immediately went hard as we stopped kissing she looked down then at me bit here bottom lip and smiled.

I wanted here I moved my had up here thigh and I could feel here with my fingertips we just sat like that with me slowly caressing here through here bikini, I called the waiter over and paid for our round.

We said nothing to each other as we walked over the grounds to here bungalow stopping every now and then to kiss and run our hands over each others bodies. We got to the bungalow and we went in as she turned around in the doorway I closed it behind me, we were alone I held here close and undid here top I kissed here neck and man here breasts were beautiful here hard nipples were in my mouth and she arched then into me I went lower to here stomach kissing here to the top of here bikini bottom which I took off.

I was on my knees and I took here into my mouth she held my head as I tasted here I wanted more of here. We went to the couch and I lay here down and opened here legs I went down and licked here clit first slowly then faster here body went stiff as she came, she tasted sweet I moved up and went inside here I went in so slowly at first then we pounded away at each other, I turned here around and she and she had here knees on the couch looking out the window and I went in from behind it was a perfect fit we moaned as we went against each other she was moving against me harder and I came in here it felt as if I was going to explode I did not want to get out of here she got a robe for us both went to the fridge and got two beers.

We went outside on the patio and talked for a while, then the from door opened and one of here friends came in with someone we stayed outside looking in as they got it on, this made the both of us horney again and the robed were off and I was inside here again she was a perfect fit, if I could have gone on more I would have for the rest of the night.

This was our first night together our first encounter and it wasn’t our last.

tillerbabe 55F

11/14/2005 3:42 am

HOw can I "hook up" with you like this? OMG! That is so very HOT!!! {=}

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