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11/14/2005 11:36 pm

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Game Drive

The following morning we were up before sun rise to go on a Game drive the four of us decided to go together as we had decided to accompany each other for the weekend.

The early morning fresh air ignited and revives your senses and body, the air was very chilly as we were high up in the mountains.

I was at the start point before the rest arrived, we had the table out with coffee etc ready for the group prior to departure. I kept on looking towards the chalets to see when and if they are coming my heart skipped a beat when I saw them wow Jackie looked good here dark hair tied back in one ponytail, in boots tight jeans a tank top under an open jacket the cold morning air was making here nipples hard and they pushed against here tight top just standing there I started to get hard I wanted to jump here as she gently kissed me good morning pulling here head back licking here lips looking me up and down I started going weak at the knees.

We stood around chatting having coffee, we had a few minutes to spare as we were early. The one friend (Lara) myself and Jackie were looking at from outside the night before looked at me knowingly. She was good looking as well defiantly worked out short dark hair tight jeans with a tight t shirt under a windbreaker.

We were ready to go we all got onto the game drive vehicle I sat in between Jackie and Lara on the back seat, the driver gave us all blankets to drape over our legs as it gets quite cols on the drive before the sun is up high, I put my arms around both of them as it is more comfortable to sit that way.

We had gone out approximately 5 Km when Jackie put here hand on my thigh wow I started to get aroused and moved my hand to here thigh I started to move higher and she opened here legs and I cupped here crotch with my hand she was so worm, I started to rub here gently and I looked at here she had a far away look on here face I rubbed for quite a while she suddenly breathed in sharply held my wrist and came, she smiled and cuddled into me pulling the blanked to here chin this was great.

We got at our breakfast stop about 5 minutes later, she was wet through here jeans man this turned me on I wasn’t looking at the game I wanted here we had breakfast and carried on the drive I felt here hand on my crotch I immediately went hard looking at me closely she undid my zip, belt and Dutton pulled me out and started to masturbate me wow here small hands velvety soft rubbing up and down I was looking at here drinking here in she started to smile and she let me go the next second I felt warm wetness of a mouth on my dick I had a shocked expression on my face and quickly lifted the blanked only to see Lara giving me a BJ at that instant Jackie started to kiss me deeply.

I came it was so intense as I could not make a sound as we were not the only ones on the vehicle, at least the other people were not interested in us. As Lara came out from under the blanket we looked at each other she just smiled, I knew what was to come that night. The rest of the game drive we caressed each other all of us were wet when we finished

tillerbabe 55F

11/15/2005 11:03 pm

Yes..oh yes.."my" kind of encounter! Thank you for sharing!

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