An embarrassing moment in time  

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11/13/2005 10:28 pm

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An embarrassing moment in time

I really felt like a first class idiot, I went away for the weekend just for some time out and to relax where they are no phones and where there is no noise. On the first day after getting the bungalow and doing the unpacking ritual I went for a walk to familiarize myself with my surroundings.

I went up to the reception and had a look at what was being offered the usual game drives, restaurant games room so I decided to get myself a beer as I had just driven for +- 400Km walking up to the bar you pass a heated pool, so strutting my stuff I look to my left to see who is there an would you believe it a group of four woman, one who I could not take my eyes off, she quickly talks to here friends and they all look at me.

I think to myself you are in luck tonight you haven’t been here for a day and already there are a few prospects but I cant take my eyes off of one of them, she waves at me and I get this good feeling wash over me and I wave back well my luck couldn’t get better that is until I turned to look where I was walking.

The bar happened to be on a slightly elevated height in comparison to the heated pool with a sign board which I happened in my admiring gaze to miss and not read the words “Please mind your step”

As I looked where I was going I kicked the first step after falling for what seemed a while I landed on my but with everyone looking at me all I could do was to laugh at myself while I sat on my but looking at the four of them in the pool laughing as though they had just seen the best comedy of the year, well I think they had, well it helped to literally break the ice.
I will leave the rest of the trip for later.

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