who am i?  

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7/4/2006 1:35 am
who am i?

hmmm...lets see...my boyfriend (or ex rather) wanted to have a 3some but im a bit jelous so i told him it would have to be with another couple. ofcourse rules would have to be set regarding what was and wasnt appropriate, but after fantasizing about it for a while i wanted to go further and further. You see at first it was gonna be just me and the other girl alloud to touch each other, as the men could only touch thier own women (he was afraid i would want to be with the other man if he was a bigger size) but i assure u i was really interested in being with another women (i never have been) but after a while like i said i kinda wanted to have the guys touch the women (me and the other women) i wanted to suck a guys dick with another girl sucking his balls or licking his ass....to be continued .......

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