Week 2  

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7/24/2006 9:08 pm

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Week 2

Where to start...well we've received some invites from new people. Had to sort thru what we were looking for and let down others. Which made me feel bad. Too old, too young, not into what the other person is...makes this whole process harder than i thought. But anyway, we're going step by step. Im sure in no time at all my husband will be licking someone's pussy and i'll be sucking someone's cock. lol. I cant wait. I'm still scared, but the longer we're on here searching, the more im adjusting to the whole idea. Like i said before, a couple a drinks and im good to go. Atleast thats what my husband says.

Well tonight we are going to fuck each others brains out. Sounds premeditated, because it is. We want to take pictures. I love when he fucks my pussy hard and cums all over it. Love feeling cum drip on my clit after i just came. Im hoping to take a picture of it. See if my digital camera can catch it. Im an aspiring photographer, so normally I would create an artful, tasteful photo, but at this point, fuck it. The dirtier the better. Fuck art. lol just kidding.

We've started communications with a few couples and men, but no women . I was hoping for the ffm threesome to start. But fuck that too. Its too hard on here to find a woman willing. lol. So maybe after getting to know these couples a little more, after exchanging pics and so on, we can be on our way to getting laid like in our fantasies. lol.

We had a few requests to exchange face pics. So far so good. I still worry someone will know one of us. The north country really isnt that big. Well i'll be back later to update our profile with hopefully some pics of hard cock, wet pussy and hot cum. Oh yeah, cant forget my 40DD's! bye for now

The Wifey

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7/25/2006 12:43 pm

Don't forget a creampie! Nothing quite so sexy as a woman filled up, leaking, lying on her back, legs spread, smiling, absent-mindedly playing with herself...

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