Week 1  

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7/20/2006 9:17 pm

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Week 1

Well we joined AdultFriendFinder on Monday. We went out Saturday night, got a little drunk and when were drunk we always talk about fucking other people. Threesomes, strangers, roleplay...etc. So i said fuck it. We're going to try this and seriously work towards making our fantasies a reality. So i signed us up, told my husband about it later on and he was fine with it.

Funny how easily things like this get addictive. We've both been checking the site daily. I check in the mornings, he checks in the evenings. We've received a couple winks. Sent a bunch of winks out too. Replied to a couple emails looking for pictures.

I guess maybe they should put a section on here regarding "lust search etiquette". I mean, maybe we didnt fill the profile out completely, but i keep getting emails from older men. Maybe im too picky? I dont know, but we talked a long time ago about swinging and it never worked out. We could never find a couple where all involved were attracted. I have certain taste in men, he has a certain taste in women and vice versa. So how do you get all parties involved to agree that there is the potential to get turned on by each other?????

So anyway, its thursday now. I've joined 2 groups and left messages there. I think we will start with a ffm threesome first. I want to find him a woman to fuck. I bought him a lap dance once at a strip bar. It was a total turn on for me sitting there watching. I tried to join while we were in private cubicle but she charged too much. lol. Too bad im cheap. But i want to watch him fuck another woman. I want to tell him what to do to her. Ive never been with a woman before, im not 100% sure i could go thru with it, but i would try. I will try anything once.

Once i get him fucked and if it was a good experience, then we will look for a man for a mmf threesome. i want to be fucked from behind while i suck off another. I can imagine how good that must feel. I love sucking cock. I want to suck two cocks at once. I want my husband to make me suck another man's cock. These are fantasies, things ive thought about. Deep down inside of me, i am a shy person. But give me a few drinks and im good to go. Of course i have my own insecurities, as does anyone i guess. But hopefully we find what were looking for and live happily ever after.

If anyone has anything encouraging to say, or suggestions just send us an email. Hopefully were not pissing anyone off with our naive perspective??

Bye for now
The Wifey

tastyflow2005 46F

7/20/2006 11:58 pm

I know how you feel and i've been a member for a few months now and have not yet realized my fantasies. Here's a cheer for you guys to realize yours. tastyflow

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