My new toys...  

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8/22/2006 12:48 am

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My new toys...

Quite a while.
Things have been up and down, as they always seem to be. I'll skip everything but the goodies. (this is going to be stretched accross multiple posts)

A few weeks ago, an old girlfriend (C) of mine came out to visit. We went to the 2006 Pride parade in Vancouver, and a family event at Sunset Beach afterwards. I was so suprised to see so many naked breasts in public. Pleasantly suprised.

While C was here, I took my second trip ever to a sex shop. My partner, B, and his friend B2 came along. I bought 3 different vibrators and a neat little whip thing. It's kind of a small suede flogger on a stick.
With this whip thing we learned that not only do I love to be held down... I enjoy a bit of spanking and flogging. The stick part really hurts, but not in an "OMG STOP" way. The suede part is... wow. Hot.

Anyways. The vibrators. One is something like 6.5" long stopping short of the base, penis shaped jelly. One is a battery powered mini bullet. The last is the Screaming Octopus.

I must say that the bullet is my absolute favorite. The viberation doesn't stay strong through the entire span of the batteries, but new batteries sure make 'er go.

The long one works best as a dildo. I'm not a fan of being fucked with a vibe, and it's kind of awkward to use for clit stim. Just too big. The only downside is that it's not got a good curve. B can still make me cum by fucking me with it, though.

The octopus felt nice when I tested it on my hand... but I was sad to find that it just couldn't do the trick! We found that it can be used as a make-shift vibrating cockring... which is nice B sure seems to enjoy it

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