5 days left....  

countrygirl1788 32F
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6/1/2006 2:00 pm
5 days left....

Well, as most of you know I will be leaving in 5 days to go on vacation. Now... Now.. DOn't be sad, I will only be gone 2 weeks. I know that is kind of hard to handle, but I will be thinking about the ones that will miss me the most, you know who yall are. I will definitely get yall some pictures so if you have never been to Alaska before you can see how beautiful it is. As for me, I am already packed, and ready to go. I just have to wait until Wednesday!! Other than that there is nothing much to say. Briana and Chris are off and on again, but we all knew that. I don't understand why she stays with him. They both abuse each other and then make up, maybe they are meant for each other... They always ask me to help with their problems and I tell them that it is not my place. I would rather be neutral then to take sides.
Enough about talking about them. I am so excited. I wish I could take yall with me, But there just wouldn't be enough room for yall.

Well I am going to get...

Talk to yall later!

Love of Love


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