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1/18/2006 8:33 pm

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Ellooooooooo all you sexual deviants...or gremlins which ever you prefer

Just a quick note. I don't think there is any basis for this post other then the fact I feel the overwhelming urge to post something

Yes...I am feeling the mood coming on me. I feel the sexual tendencies starting to build. Oh wait...that was earlier today. Hmmm, might have to explore that venue a bit more in depth

Just sitting here thinking of a good hard orgasm is already making my insides start quivering. Hmmm tis a night where the hormones are flowing freely. Should I go on the prowl...or should I just keep the feelings at bay. Let it build.

Hmmm such a delima. But I will leave it all to chance I think at this point. Perhaps the feelings will bloom into something that will give me inspiration to do some more writting later on. That is a good possability.

Have one of the erotic stories go unleashed upon my fingers as they race to catch up with the thoughts that race through my body and my mind.

Tis something I may have to explore later on
But for now my sexuals..I must bid ado and go about my business for now.

Till again my thoughts feel the urge to be typed again ciao for now

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