Awakened Desires  

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Awakened Desires

The sun slowly slipping behind the mountains. The cool winter breeze blowing through the air....
She stands at the the edge of the porch looking down towards the valley watching the silhoutted man upon the galloping horse heading her direction. She pulls her sweater tighter around her..slightly shivering unaware if the shiver is caused by the cold breeze or the anticipation of the man approaching her.
The horse back rider slows down and stops as he reaches the barn. He looks towards the woman standing at the top of the stairs to the cabin watching him. He slightly dips his hat to her as he steps down off the saddle and leads the horse into the barn.
Cheyenne feels an excitement building deep within her body. A tingling sensation starting to develop in the pit of her stomach as she smiles and then turns to go back into the cabin. She walks over to wood stove and stokes up the fire and adds another log then walks over to the kitchen to make some coffee.
As she wipes down the counter she feels a prescence behind her. Her heart starts to race as she feels arms wrap around her and feels his hot breath on the side of her neck. No words are spoken as this man holds her tight and slowly passionately kisses Cheyenne's neck. Her heart is racing deep inside, she feels the tingling sensation that was building in the pit of her stomach now reaching down between her legs. She feels the mans strong hands reach inside her sweater and grasp a hold of her heaving breasts. His fingers caressing her nipples through the sheer fabric of her bra. She presses back against him, feeling his hardness press against her back. His tender lips travel up towards her ear as her own hands cover his pressing them firmly against her breasts. She can feel his breathing increasing as his lips nibble slightly on her ear...he moves his body against hers.
No words are spoken between them as he pulls away gently and grasps her hand and leads her towards the front of room in front of the wood stove. The only light in the room is the flickering of the fire burning in the stove...the sun now tucked behind the mountains for the night.
He stops in front of the stove and pulls her to him bringing his lips down to hers. Lightly kissing them as his tongue just barely touches hers. His hands run up and down her back as he passionately kisses her. Her arms wrap around him as she also pulls him a bit closer to her. She feels his hardness now pressing against her stomach...her hands roam over his taught body as she feels his hands slide inside the back of her sweater and start to unfasten her bra. Cheyenne's body now afire with lust runs her hands over the man's ass, pulling him even closer to her. He moves from her sweet lips and moves his down her neck, kissing and caressing it with an occasional slight nipping. He feels her shiver as he starts to pull up her sweater...she leans back as he pulls it the rest of the way off along with her bra. He moves up to kiss her lips and then pulls back and looks at her. Her breasts, full figured heaving with excitement that was growing deep inside her. Her nipples hard aching to be touched. He leaned forward and took one of her waiting nipples into his hot mouth. The soft moans escaping Cheyenne's lips he knew her arousal was building.
Cheyenne moved her fingers through his hair as he so gently suckled her breasts with his mouth. His other hand caressing the other...she felt the wetness between her legs. She pressed herself towards him more as he increased the pressure on her nipple...then felt him move to the other. She felt her legs growing weak...if not for him holding her she would have fallen to the floor. He sensed her weakness and slowly lowered her to the floor. Laying beside her his lips caressing her breasts his other hand moving down her stomach and over her jeans down her thighs. Cheyenne ran her hands through his hair and over his back...lightly clawing him through his shirt as she felt him slightly biting her nipples. Her body was on fire. She felt the damn building up deep inside her aching to be released.
He lifted his head and looked up at Cheyenne's face. Her eyes half closed..her lips slightly parted as he could feel her breathing labored. He lowered his head again to her breasts lightly kissing each one then moving his head farther down her stomach. His hand reaching her knees and then slowly making their way up between her thighs. When his fingers reached the V between her legs he could feel how wet she already was between the thick denim. He felt his cock jump and start throbbing. He reached up and undid the button and zipper to her jeans...he leaned up on his knees and grasped the sides of her jeans and started pulling them down. Cheyenne lifted her hips to allow him to pull them down even further. He left her silky panties on her. Admiring the black satin against her pale skin. He tossed her pants off to the side and undid his shirt and pulled it off and threw it with her jeans.
Cheyenne looked up at him..the fire flickering shawdows across his chest and stomach. She could see the growing bulge in his jeans. She sat up to grasp for his button to his jeans...he grasped her hands and shook his head no. He lowered her back down to the soft rug and started kissing her again. His knee between her legs pressing up against her V, his hand caressing her breasts as he deeply and passionately kissed her.
Cheyenne was in a world of total sexual extacy. Her hands running over his back as he kissed her with passionate urgency. He slowly started moving his way down her body...his hands moving down between her legs. He felt her wetness through the sheer panties. His fingers moving just under the elastic brushing lightly against her skin, her moans filling the room. His mouth reached the top of her panites as his fingers moved farther down between her legs. He felt her legs spread wider as he positioned himself between them, inhaling her sweet sexual aroma. He started kissing farther down her body over her panties. Feeling the silkiness...he reached the area where she was wet. The aroma so intoxicating to him. He gently kissed her swollen pussy lips. Pressing the silky material between them, his tongue now caressing her lips as the protruded out.
Cheyenne arched slightly feeling the material move between her so swollen pussy lips rubbing against her hard erect clit. Her hands on his head, fingers running through his hair. She felt his tongue through the silky material...she so ached to feel his tongue on her clit. She then felt his thumbs around the waist band of her panties as he slowly slid them down her body. She opened her eyes and watched as he slid them down her legs and tossed them to the side. He looked down at her and then looked up to her eyes slightly glazed over with lust.

To Be Continued

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