Does SIZE matter?  

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Does SIZE matter?

I have never tried writing an article about sex or sex education but still, curiosity got its way. Can I write a meaningful article about sex? That remains to be seen as I write my very first article about it.

I’m not a sex guru or a master of tantic sex or any other styles in sex. Every person has his own belief about it. They have their own stand, preferences, and opinions about sex. As for me, sex is never a vulgar issue as long as you respect the boundaries of each person. It is funny that it is quite very interesting if sex is discussed in an intellectual manner. And that is what this article is all about. This article aims to unleash your opinion about sex in order to have a better view of what sex is all about.

Some of you might say that sex is an act and therefore, to discuss about sex is tantamount to saying that black is white. But, shall I say, that there are different aspects of sex and one of it is doing it. That is the physical dimension. But in this perspective, we are looking at the intellectual dimension of sex because sex is not only an act in itself, but a mental schema too. Thus, sex can also be discussed without engaging ourselves to such activity. But I must admit that in order for an individual to understand partly what sex is, you must have experienced what it is like. What I mean is an individual who have not engaged in sexual activity has little knowledge of what is taking place during the activity. (but I’m not saying that you can’t discuss or debate about the topic of sex). And it is a fallacy that if you have experienced sexual intercourse, you understand the whole idea of sex. As learning beings, we still have a lot to know at a given field.

There are different types of people when it comes to this concept. We have those people who like to impart meaningful knowledge about it, there are people who are vulgar, there are people who tend to hide their beliefs, and there are people who are ashamed of it. But it all boils down to respecting boundaries and opinions of others in order to have a meaningful discussion.

There are a lot of sub-topics about sex. I must admit that whenever my high school barkada indulge in a drinking spree (which consists more girls than boys), we end up talking about it almost the whole night. I also observed that teens are also a lot active whenever the idea is discussed. I don’t know what’s up. And if sex is something tangible that whenever we use the word, if it becomes small, I firmly believe that sex should be gone, a million times over. Anyway, that’s for the prologue.

Whenever we had a drinking spree, this question always crops up. Does SIZE matter? Always, my barkada asks me the question and so does other people. I’ll drink a full glass of beer, contemplate, and take a deep breath. I ask myself if SIZE does matter. REALLY. I feel that women should be the proper people to answer the question. But for the sake of argument, I’ll relay my opinion. SIZE does not matter. I’m not here to reveal my endowment (my GOD!). But theories of such are quite amusing. I remember when my girl kabarkadas have watched the oblation run in UP Diliman. There are a lot of people shoving their way just to see those birdies and their eggs hanging loose in their nest. I noted that most of the crowd is composed of girls. And as the naked men pushed their way towards us, I saw one of my barkada placed a hand on her face as if to cover her eyes when to my absolute horror, her fingers covering her left eye are wide apart. When all the procession is done, they all went up to me and loudly said “Ang liit!!! Ano ba yan?!!” We walked towards the gate of Palma Hall. And as we went down the stairs, I saw and ABS-CBN reporter asking some ladies their opinion about the run. They said, giggling, “Ang liliit!” I pity those APO guys whenever they run because of such ridicule that they face whenever they run naked. I said to myself, “Just wait ‘til it stiffens and you’ll be scared out of your wits.”.

The concept of a bigger penis is a concept that we inherited when the Americans came. And the porn movies that we always watch are of Caucasians in origin. And expectedly, their endowment is larger compared to Asians. Even if we talk about penis or boobs. Asians are smaller friend. Don’t try to reverse our genes. Our concept, corrupted by our colonial mentality, is twisted. So we tend to hear news about “Salamat Doctora” beauty. Anyway….

I have read in one of the FHM issues (the one with a ruler for your pet) about the length of the penis and I have found out the having 6 inches is actually the average that a Filipino can get. Anything above that is paranormal. Anything below is understandable.

The question whether women is experiencing more pleasure in having a bigger organ stuffed to them is up to them to answer. But logically, when a woman’s vagina is stuffed by a bigger one, the muscle tends to adapt to the size, and whenever the sexual intercourse is done, it wouldn’t go back to its original size (Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Pilliteri). So the belief of “maluwang na” is true. So if that vagina is then again stuffed by an average size, the women will feel less pleasure as the friction or “hagod” in layman’s term has decreased. So to my opinion, those who are finding larger ones are definitely been stuffed by large ones as average size does not bring them more pleasure. But this is quite the reverse to women who stay on the “average diet’ or to those who do not engage in sexual activity, the virgins.

As for me, it does not depend on the size. Always, skill is the most important factor in giving pleasure to your partner. I mean, if you have a big one (like the electrical post of meralco), it does not necessarily mean that you give more pleasure to a woman than those who have average ones who knows the techniques to satisfy his partner. And sex is not only the in and out thing. Concentrating on other parts are things that an individual should not ignore. Skill in satisfying your partner, whether huge or average, is the key to sexual satisfaction.

Size ain’t everything. That’s my opinion. But if asked what is my size, well, that is a personal question.

I wrote this article for those who are average or below average. This one is for you. Skill. Remember that.

corrupted_nurse 33M

3/9/2006 9:23 pm

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