what's the best thing to do with my points?  

cornbreadTuxedo 38M
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5/10/2005 8:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what's the best thing to do with my points?

man, all this "blog" answering and photo uploading is giving me some mad points. I've got almost 600 points now.

should I use them to get a magic mushroom that makes me twice as big? or should I get the flower that lets me throw fireballs?
how many points does it take to get a helicopter with machineguns?

Anybody else think it sounds funny, for "The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals site" to have a points system? Points?!? What, can I like, buy a piece of ass with my points, or do I get points when I "score"?? That's the kind of thoughs that U might think, seeing it for the first time. I'm not saying they should take it away, I just think it's funny.

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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5/23/2005 11:16 am

i vote for the magic mushrooms...

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