happy Cinco de Mayo!  

cornbreadTuxedo 38M
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5/5/2005 8:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

happy Cinco de Mayo!

This is the time for a happy wish for all.
Set your worries aside and be free!
I want to wish good love and peace to all who need it.

I know I've broken the alternation of my photos with this post. It is my 7th post, though, so maybe luck will bring a photo to it. I don't have enough effort in me to come up with a visual for this post because I've caught a cold or allergy attack badness. Me words roll out like cartoons on Nerf wheels. What?

I had some other stuff about Cinco de Mayo on here, but they wouldn't let me post it for some reason. It seems very strange what they allow and what they censor. Go Freedom, Boo Censorship!

Update: here is a picture of what happens ...

the photo has a natural symmetry if you look at it right

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