Loch Ness Monster dream  

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6/23/2005 7:39 am

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Loch Ness Monster dream

I just got out of bed and posted this so I could get down the fresh memory of it:

I am waist deep in dark water, in the Loch Ness and I am fishing.
I have the monster in the back of my mind the whole time, so why I have decided to stand in the water to fish is not exactly clear.
I am fishing without a pole, throwing just a line with an unbaited hook into the water. Somehow I keep having to pull hooks out of my fingers, but luckily the barbs are never set-in, so I am able to pull out the hooks without much pain. The hooks are all golden.
eventually I hook something, and pulling on my line I know that it's too heavy to land
about that point I realize the monster is coming
he is in my mind, letting me know I cannot escape, telepathically or something
I turn to run, back through the woods which are close to the bank. (apparently I am in a remote area where nobody else fishes)
The world turns to black & white as I run through the woods, and I am skillfully jumping over logs and ducking under bushes as I flee the unseen monster.
I emerge from the woods onto a blacktop road, and I stop in the middle of the road to flag down a car. The world has returned to color, as I can see green grass and a brown fence on the other side of the road.
That's about where I woke up. Cool, huh? The dream's scariness didn't really bother me because it was entertaining. Anyone care to psycologically analyze that one? Whoo! "fishing without a pole" - uh oh. "golden hooks" - hmm... telepathic invisible monster - uhh...
I do recall something I read about dream analysis; that water usually means sex. That could explain my willingness to stand in the water and fish regardless of the lurking menace. I am obsessed with sex, and it's my favorite hobby.

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